From Serving Their Country to Serving Their Community: How Jeremy and Sydnee Hancock Transitioned From Active Duty Military Life to Senior Helpers

From Serving Their Country to Serving Their Community: How Jeremy and Sydnee Hancock Transitioned From Active Duty Military Life to Senior Helpers

July 23, 2019 By Annie Long
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When Jeremy Hancock and his wife, Sydnee, were looking to own their first business together, they found fulfillment in bringing Senior Helpers to the Greater Salt Lake City and Utah County areas

Jeremy and Sydnee Hancock opened their first Senior Helpers franchise in Utah County in October of 2018. Prior to that, Jeremy had been active duty military for 15 years. As their family grew, the Hancocks wanted something with more stability and Jeremy took a job in investment banking operations working for Goldman Sachs. Sydnee’s background was in public health and occupational therapy, but when the couple started having children, she took time off to be at home with them. Still, however, Jeremy was looking for more, and Sydnee was looking for a way to transition back into the workforce. “After working in the investment banking industry and corporate America for a few years, I wanted to do something that had an impact on our community,” said Jeremy.

The Hancocks needed a business venture that fulfilled these two needs:

1. Something that would give back to their community.

2. Freedom to spend more time together as a family.

“Business ownership seemed like the perfect way to get back into the workforce and also allow time to be with my family,” said Sydnee. “I’m still in the thick of parenting with my kids,” she continued, “and I wanted to make sure I’m still available to them and still have a large influence in the home.” Their kids are now ages 9, 15 and 11, and the Hancocks started making moves last year to take the leap into full-time business ownership. “We originally thought we would start a company from scratch as I transitioned from Goldman Sachs,” said Jeremy, “but what I realized is that our kids aren’t getting any younger, so we took the plunge with Senior Helpers.”

In May 2019, Jeremy left Goldman Sachs for good. Together, the Hancocks have acquired their second Senior Helpers location in the Greater Salt Lake City area.

What appealed to them about Senior Helpers was being able to really get in touch with their community, create change and do something that impacted the lives of real people. “I’ve always had an fondness for the aging adults in our community,” Jeremy stated. “My favorite part about the business is being able to give back to the people that worked so hard to provide the conveniences and luxuries that we enjoy today.” The Hancocks feel that creating jobs in their community has created a valuable economic resource for local caregivers. “When we sent out the first payroll, it was meaningful to me that we were providing employment,” said Jeremy. “That felt so amazing, and furthers the impact we're making on our local community.” Senior Helpers not only provides emotional fulfillment for the Hancocks, but Sydnee feels it has ramped up her business savvy and made her a valuable asset to their clients. “Because I have experience in healthcare, what I love about Senior Helpers is that it helps me round out my skill set on the business side,” said Sydnee of Senior Helpers corporate support. “They’ve provided mentors to me, and the training I’ve received makes me feel like I’m offering a really complete service to our community.“