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Ways to Enjoy Your Career in Care Giving

Possibly the biggest struggle people face in their professional careers is trying to find enjoyment or purpose in their work. When you’re working for someone else, that often can be very hard. But you should be able to enjoy your career, and a franchise opportunity with Senior Helpers can give that to you.

Of course, it’s possible not to hate your job but still not be “enjoying” it, per say. Maybe you have a friend at work, the work or responsibilities are easy, or there is another comfort factor that allows you to settle and be comfortable in your employment. And while it’s fine to settle, we like to think that there’s more to be gained from life – and more to give back to it, as well.

We didn’t need to look much further than some testimonials from current franchisees to identify a few of these factors. We’ve broken them down below and identified the ways that they – and potentially you, should you decide to apply to join the Senior Helpers family – enjoy their career in care giving.

Care Giving Is Rewarding

Most franchisees aren’t typically the ones actually providing the care for seniors in their homes, but that doesn’t mean it’s not equally as rewarding that your dedicated employees are making a difference in the lives of others in need.

“There is a certain satisfaction at the end of the day knowing you helped people and their families,” franchisee Jim DiGiorgio said. “If you do it right, it is a feel-good business.”

It can even take you by surprise how great it feels to make that difference, as franchisee Bob Nations discovered.

“The one thing I wasn’t aware of when I started was how great and rewarding my job can be,” Nations said. “It’s amazing the impact we have on people’s lives each and every day.”

Plus, knowing that the intangible reward you’re receiving also happens to sustain you financially and is something that you’ve built is great too.

“It is so rewarding to have a company that sustains me personally and financially,” said franchisee Barbara Roden, “where I can make a difference in the lives of families and caregivers.”

You Get to Give Back

This arguably is the biggest reason our franchisees enjoy their new careers.

“Beyond monetary success, my favorite part of being a Senior Helpers franchisee has been the ability to give to the community what was once unavailable to me,” Nations explained. “A quality in-home care choice that gives families peace of mind.”

Pete Jelinek agreed.

“I felt this was a niche that needed to be filled,” he said. “I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. The most vulnerable people are the elderly and that’s why you want to become a franchisee. They just need someone who is trustworthy and honest. I personally had heard a lot of horror stories and I knew something needed to be done. I knew if we could get the right people involved and the best caregivers, we could really help people.”

DiGiorgio decided that he wanted to do something locally and wanted to give back to the community. After researching opportunities to do so, Senior Helpers was an obvious choice.

For other franchisees, personal experience plays a role.

“After my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I struggled to find quality in-home care options,” remembered Barbara Roden. “As an entrepreneur who wanted to start my own company, I recognized a desperate need in my market for dementia care and I sought to make a difference.”

Cheryl Doyle found herself in need of care suddenly when she was diagnosed with cardiovascular myopathy and needed to hire an in-home companion. She and her husband, Darren, found that there weren’t many good options for in-home care in their area, and wanted to be able to expand that care that both Cheryl and her grandmother, who lived with Alzheimer’s for 12 years before her passing, ultimately were able to receive – despite a lack of great options.

“By providing such stellar care options to my community, I see the same care that my grandmother had gotten many years before and I am able to provide peace of mind to countless families,” Cheryl explained.

It Makes a Positive Impact on Your Life, Too

Sometimes helping others is a means of helping yourself, as many of our franchisees have learned.

“It has certainly had a personal impact in my life,” Jelinek said. “I now call and visit my own parents much more as well as send more care packages now. You really don’t realize how fragile people are until you are in this business. It truly makes you want to treat people better.”

Adds Jennifer Campisi:

“I’ve achieved things that I didn’t know that I could. It’s built my confidence level, and all of my patients in some way, shape, or form have all touched my heart, but mostly they have also all shown me what real strength is.”

It Gives You a Sense of Purpose

Ultimately, isn’t that what we’d all like to be doing? For many of us, making a difference feels like a dream, not a tangible goal. But by opening your own Senior Helpers franchise, that changes.

“It is extremely rewarding,” says Fran Graves. “When you see that you’re making the difference in the lives of seniors and that you are helping an entire family deal with the process of their aging family member, it brings much more purpose to your career.”

For more information on franchising with Senior Helpers, take a look around our website to gather more information, and when you’re ready to take the next step in a career in care giving, contact us to set up a meeting with a representative.