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What Sets Senior Helpers Elder Care Franchise Apart?

The profitability of the elder care franchise market is strong and steady as always, but which brand name do you trust to launch your franchise? In this post, we describe 2 features that set the Senior Helpers franchise apart from the competition.

Specialized Mental Health Care Services

When an elderly loved one is afflicted by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, it can take a tremendous toll on the entire family. Beyond the physical and emotional difficulties inherent to living with forms of dementia, those with mental illness may start to feel resentment and frustration from family members charged with their 24-hour care. In this regard, elder care franchises are invaluable, giving families relief from care obligations and giving patients a higher quality of living. Rather than soldiering through check-ups, medication reminders, and general care duties during visits, families can focus instead on spending quality time with their loved ones during their time together.

Senior Helpers specializes in mental health care services, which sets us apart in the eyes of the general public. Our team will create customized home care plans to meet your loved one’s changing needs. We monitor everything from medication schedules to daily activities to ensure that your loved ones stay safe. We also pioneered the use of Teepa Snow’s innovative Senior Gems program to give our carers the tools and strategies they need to identify different stages of dementia.

But beyond the value it offers our clients, our mental health specialty also distinguishes our elder care franchise from other brand opportunities. Some elder care franchises neglect mental health care training, making their franchisees unfit to care for a huge swathe of the United States population. A new case of Alzheimer’s is diagnosed every 68 seconds, and its presence doubles in populations every 5 years after age 65. Because there is no cure for this horrible disease, it means that millions of Americans will rely on qualified elder care franchises in the future. As a result, Senior Helpers’ mental health care services set our franchise apart from the competition, providing the training and experience required to meet the needs of this growing population of Americans dealing with

A Commitment To Care That Extends Beyond The Home

Though most people associate our elder care franchise with in-home care services, we offer a number of programs that accommodate clients outside of the home, too. Thousands of American families have been given peace of mind thanks to our Surgery Assistance & Sitter Services. These programs send our carers to monitor and accompany your loved one while in the hospital, nursing home, retirement community or assisted living center. Our elder care franchise makes these services available 24-hours per day, giving families the help of a watchful, trained, and experienced eye to oversee the care and recovery of your loved one.

For franchisees, this means that services can be offered at any stage of the care process. In contrast, some elder care franchises limit their services entirely to home care, which means that other care companies are required for other settings. This cuts into the franchisees’ profits, and also forces your loved one to adjust to someone new, rather than retaining the careers they’ve built comfortable and trusting relationships with.

There are many more reasons why our elder care franchise stands out from the competition, and you can explore them all – along with a detailed market analysis – by visiting http://www.seniorhelpers.com/.

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