Singapore is the third most densely populated country with a total population of 5.39 million. The number of citizens aged 65 or over has doubled from 220,000 in 2000 to 440,000 today.


In Singapore, the rapidly growing portion of citizens over the age of 65 has become a national concern. The number of elderly citizens has risen from 220,000 individuals in 2000 to 440,000 today, and is projected to continue rising to as high as 900,000 individuals by the year 2030. While Singapore enjoys the benefits of a strong, socialized healthcare system – the country is finding itself strained. The healthcare system is increasingly unable to accommodate the care needs of the rapidly aging population. These circumstances create an opportunity for individuals with the foresight to capitalize on a clear need and opportunity. Senior Helpers is seeking Master Franchise Owners to help build the network of senior care franchise businesses serving Singapore’s elderly population and helping them to live comfortably and safely in their homes.

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3rdmost denselypopulatedcountry
440,000citizens aged65and over

A Growing National Challenge

Known as the city with the “best investment potential,” Singapore’s population is innovative, determined and hardworking. Still, it has yet to be seen how Singapore will handle the economic and social strain of its aging population. Senior citizens often need extra medical treatment and home care to deal with injury from falls, sensory impairment, mobility issues, and forms of dementia. Singapore’s already burdened medical system will need help shouldering the needs of its aging population – a fact that will make Senior Helpers a vital and cherished part of the healthcare landscape in Singapore.

An Opportunity in An Expanding Industry

Franchised businesses are an attractive and popular option for the people of Singapore, many of whom are leaving jobs in big corporations to go it on their own with a franchise. According to Asiawide Franchise Consultants Ptd Ltd, Singapore is ready to expand its franchise market, a fact which the government has been standing behind by offering support and resources to deserving individuals looking to start franchise businesses. Singapore ranked #1 out of 183 countries for “Ease of Doing Business,” according to the World Bank Group. The International Franchise Association notes Singapore for its economic stability and strength, as well as its $333.9 billion GDP with a real growth rate of 1.3% annually. This economic growth, alongside the significant growth rate of Singapore’s elderly population, makes Singapore a prime market for franchised businesses offering in-home care and assistance to the elderly.

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Senior Helpers is a growing global brand that provides non-medical in-home care for seniors with mobility, cognitive, and other age-related health issues. Senior Helpers provides trained care givers who have expertise in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and general senior care. These care givers help the elderly get around their house and around town, and even help them recover from surgeries, procedures, or illnesses after being discharged from a hospital or a doctor’s care. Senior Helpers is seeking Master Franchise Owners to serve the rising demand for in-home care that helps seniors remain living comfortably in their homes.