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Franchisee Testimonial: Fran Graves

Learn how Fran Graves went from 20 years as a stay-at-home mom to success as a the owner of a Senior Helpers home care franchise.

Fran is a special person, one who put her professional career on hold to raise a family. However, Fran became involved in caregiving and finding assistance at home for both her grandparents and in-laws, during which time she found a lack of quality and compassion in the services provided. She could recognize the opportunity to provide a service that was in demand, and she also fell in love with helping seniors in the senior community. All of this inspired her to get involved and provide the quality care and services seniors need and deserve. Using her business background, education and personal experience providing care and support for her elderly loved ones, she decided to open her own Senior Helpers. Read her story below, and discover how she used the Senior Helpers system to deliver on her dream of running a business and helping the seniors with whom she fell in love.

Why did you decide to leave the comfort of your previous job and start a Senior Helpers franchise?

I actually had been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years doing some part-time work while raising children. So I didn’t have to leave anything, but wanted to plan what to do now that my children were grown and just go for it!

How have you felt part of the broader 'Senior Helpers' team, such as Senior Helpers Executive Management, Marketing, Training, and so forth?

Senior Helpers really does a great job of making everyone feel like we are working together, that they are the support team for the work that we do. I felt the training before I started was excellent and before I opened my business I felt like I knew what I was going to do, had a game plan, was excited, and felt like I had the tools to step out on my own. In addition, I felt very comfortable calling and asking questions, and there was always great support from corporate.

How has being part of this team helped you plan and execute on your own strategy for success?

I take the info that they provide, and the training, and all the tools, and make them my own. I think you have to tailor what they offer you, all the backbone of the business is there but you have to tailor it to meet your own personal style and how you feel comfortable conducting your own business, but also tailor it to meet the needs and environment of your community. People from east coast and west coast are very different, so you have to adapt to be successful.

What aspects of the Senior Helpers 'system' did you find most valuable during your pre-launch phase up until you had your grand opening?

I was really happy with the training. I am very type A researcher, I always have a lot of questions and am very detail oriented. So, naturally I felt like I researched a lot of different companies but felt best with what Senior Helpers had to offer. It wasn’t just the training, it was also the support. Our franchise support specialist was very helpful and would call us and check in and make sure we were following proper steps to get everything set up to be successful.

How about during your first year after launch and/or thereafter?

They are constantly offering support, always helping, and they are always creating and inventing new programs and things to utilize and use in the market place. I feel like I have plenty of material, and different marketing strategies to help me be successful.

What is the number one 'secret of success' that you would recommend to anyone considering a Senior Helpers franchise?

The secret is that the owner needs to be very involved in the business. You need to be the face of your business, you need to know everything that is going on at all times, and be out in your community. You need to be willing to work hard and long hours. Surround yourself with people that have the same vision and same goals that you have. You have to be passionate about this type of business and be all in for it to be successful.

How has being a Senior Helpers franchisee changed your life?

It is extremely rewarding. When you see that you’re making the difference in the lives of seniors and that you are helping an entire family deal with the process of their aging family member, it brings much more purpose to your career.