In the United Kingdom, those aged 65 years and over will increase 50% over the next 17 years. This makes the United Kingdom a key market for seniors in need of home care.


In the United Kingdom, the number of people over the age of 65 is projected to increase 50% over the next 17 years. This is placing an unprecedented strain on regional and national health care systems and creates an opportunity for those with the foresight to capitalize. Senior Helpers is seeking Master Franchise Owners to help build the network of senior care franchise businesses that help the UK’s elderly population remain living comfortably and safely in their homes.

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50%increase in65+ populationin the next17 years

A Growing National Challenge

The people of the United Kingdom have a world-famous resolve that has seen them triumph over tremendous odds. Today, a new challenge is facing the United Kingdom. The rapid increase in the ageing population is placing strain on regional and national health care resources, and projections show the pace of change is accelerating. By the year 2035 nearly one fourth of the UK’s population will be elderly, and the health care system will be limited in its ability to care for them. Organisations from Parliament to research firms such as Age UK report that mobility, nutrition, physical activity, injury from falls, and sensory impairment are among the ailments that pose the largest risks both to the senior population and to the capacity of the health care organisations available to help them. Additional resources and options are needed to meet the rising demand.

An Opportunity in An Expanding Industry

The franchised business market in the United Kingdom is booming. Franchised businesses contributed nearly €22 billion to the UK economy in 2013, and one of the franchised business sector’s leading segments was health care. A recent study forecasted that the UK health care sector should reach a value of €276 billion in 2018, which is an increase of nearly 20 percent over 2013. This economic growth, coupled with the rapidly growing elderly population, creates an extraordinary opportunity for franchised businesses that help the elderly remain living in their homes.

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Senior Helpers is a growing global brand that provides non-medical in-home care for seniors with mobility, cognitive, and other age-related health issues. Senior Helpers provides trained care givers who have expertise in Alzheimer’s, dementia, and general senior care. These care givers help the elderly get around their house and around town, and even help them recover from surgeries, procedures, or illnesses after being discharged from a hospital or a doctor’s care. Senior Helpers is seeking Master Franchise Owners to serve the rising demand for in-home care that helps seniors remain living comfortably in their homes.