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Why Invest in a Senior Helpers Franchise?

Why Invest in a Senior Helpers Franchise?

Discover why a Senior Helpers Franchise can be a smart investment.

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An Opportunity in An Expanding Industry

While you might be researching several senior care franchises for sale, you want to choose a franchise with an infrastructure conducive to your success. It’s no surprise that senior care franchises are in high demand; they offer a financially competitive solution for you to start a business of your own. When compared to other home care franchises for sale or starting your own elderly home care business from scratch, the cost of a Senior Helpers franchise is a smart investment.

You’ll quickly learn that running a Senior Helpers franchise does not require a lot of overhead or large office space, and that its internal staffing needs are very reasonable. Here is what you’ll need:

Senior Care Franchise Investment

Our low initial investment range to start a Senior Helpers franchise is $109,300 - $150,800 which includes three months additional working capital and staffing funds along with our $49,500 initial franchise fee. The cost may be higher if you choose and are approved to buy additional territory. Most franchisees with ample credit scores finance the startup costs. If you have at least $49,500 in liquid capital (cash, home equity, 401(k) or IRAs, sellable assets, and a net worth of at least $200,000), you can probably start a Senior Helpers franchise. This ranks Senior Helpers among the most reasonable initial investments in senior care franchises.

We like to think of the franchise startup cost as a true investment, rather than simply a purchase. Your franchisee and royalty fees cover a comprehensive training process, designed to make new franchisees as comfortable as possible before opening their doors. It also includes a vast network of support, and ongoing educational materials for caregivers, to ensure that our franchisees have all the tools they need to succeed.

Veterans and First Responders Discount

Vet Franchise logoWe value our nation’s veterans and first responders and recognize the immense range of skills that they can bring to a senior care franchise. That’s why Senior Helpers offers United States veterans a 10% discount off of our franchise fee. This comes out to a $4,950 savings.


Senior Helpers’ ongoing royalty fee is only 5% of gross sales. This low royalty allows owners to reinvest cash flow and allocate earnings in the manner they believe will benefit them in the short and long term.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Senior Helpers network and making a difference in your community, click here to learn more.

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