How to Find the Best Caregivers for Your Home Care Assistance Franchise

When you start your own home care franchise hiring your staff of caregivers is one of the first major decisions you’ll have to make, and you should give it the time it deserves. Your caregivers are the backbone of your franchise, and you need to make sure that they’re a good fit both in terms […]

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3 Important Things You Should Know About the Senior Care Industry

There are countless industries you could choose to enter when selecting a franchise, so why senior care? When franchisees begin their new careers in the senior care industry, they are always comforted by its strong economic performance over the past decade, and its promising outlook for the future. Thousands of people are turning 65 every […]

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Are You a Veteran or First Responder? Why Senior Helpers Franchise Opportunities are for you

While all of our Senior Helpers franchisees have a passion for giving back to their communities, and helping local families, some franchisees have dedicated their lives to it even before joining with us. Since we’re in the business of improving the quality of life for our clients, and creating peace of mind for families, it’s […]

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A Profession With a Purpose: Home Care Franchise Opportunities

While it’s natural for prospective franchisees to conduct extensive research on industry trends, profitability projections, hiring procedures, and investment cost, most Senior Helpers franchisees are equally concerned with running a business that helps people. Home care franchise opportunities will allow you not only to run your own business in a thriving industry but also play an […]

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3 Great Reasons to Choose a Home Care Assistance Franchise Like Senior Helpers

When choosing a franchise you probably have a few important questions: is it worth the investment? When will I turn a profit? What kind of support will I get? When you start a home care assistance franchise, you can be confident that you’re investing in a stable industry. Everyone has had a loved one in […]

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Get the Senior Care Franchise Support You Need When you Invest in a Senior Helpers Franchise

Many prospective franchisees are deterred from taking the plunge because they believe they lack the necessary experience to open their own senior care franchise. While you might think you need to have worked in the home care or healthcare industry before, many of our franchisees have launched successful senior care franchises without ever working in […]

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Want to Make a Difference? Open an In-Home Care Franchise

While there are many factors that go into selecting the franchise that’s right for you, including industry trends, profitability projections, hiring procedures, and the cost of the investment, Senior Helpers franchisees also tend to place a high value on running a business that helps people. Investing in a Senior Helpers in-home care franchise allows you […]

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Begin Your Senior Care Franchise Journey With Senior Helpers

When you make the investment in a senior care franchise you want to make sure it’s going to be an investment that will lay the groundwork for something big down the road. When our franchisees start their new careers with us their fears are laid to rest by the senior care industry’s steady rise over […]

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Are You a Good Fit for a Home Care Franchise?

Regardless of whether you’ve had prior experience in the healthcare industry or in franchise ownership, we like to think our home care franchise opportunities are accessible to everyone. The majority of our franchisees have never worked in the health care industry before, nor owned a franchise, and yet they’ve flourished in their new role. We […]

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How to Start an Elder Care Business: The Process

We know how important it is to have a thorough understanding of the franchise process before making the important decision to invest. That’s why Senior Helpers has created the Discovery Process—a comprehensive step-by-step overview of the Senior Helpers brand, to help you evaluate whether you’ll be a good fit. We want our new franchisees to […]

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