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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

Our mission and core values are the driving focus for our brand and our franchise development efforts.

Our ​Mission

​To provide compassionate care and improve the quality of life for our clients, their families and our employees.

Our Core Values

 Integrity Without Compromise

 We believe in demonstrating the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all interactions with our clients, their families, and our employees. We will not compromise this value for short-term gain or convenience. 

 Improved Quality of Life

 We believe that our work in home care is about helping our clients and their families improve their quality of life throughout the aging process, maintain peace of mind, and enjoy independence in their own homes. 

 Open & Effective Communication

 We believe that clear communication and open dialogue are critical to building and maintaining positive relationships and creating an exceptional experience for others. 

 Positive Attitude

 We believe that to be successful in a dynamic and competitive business like home care, we need to maintain positive habits of thought in all that we do. We encourage all our team members to think and act positively in every situation. 

 Continuous Advancement

 We believe that we can advance in our industry by continuously seeking opportunities to improve. We believe that it is important to constantly assess our current reality by examining facts and data. Our willingness to embrace the facts will help us grow and create exceptional experiences for our stakeholders. 

 Celebrate Life

 We believe in the sanctity of human life and in celebrating the joy of life. We will foster this by creating opportunities for our clients, caregivers, employees, and Senior Helpers franchise owners to live a life that they can celebrate.

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