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Franchisee Testimonial: Bernie Fitzgerald

Bernie and Bette photo

What made you decide to open a Senior Helpers location in your community? Why not something else?

My wife Bette and I researched several franchise companies and found the offering from Senior Helpers was the true information needed to make a decision. The other companies were more interested in receiving our check than explaining what it will take to be successful and what the true investment will be. Existing franchisees were also encouraging and helpful.

What excites you most about opening your Senior Helpers business?

We became excited after meeting many members of the corporate staff and learned of the support provided to make sure we did not fail building our first and additional territories.

What are you passionate about?

Our decision to be a Senior Helpers owner stemmed from the fact we are a disease centric company helping folks with health challenges. There is not much more rewarding than providing peace of mind to a family knowing the people they love are cared for.

Tell us a little about your family (Married? Kids? Pets?) and/or what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Bette and I have been married for almost twenty years and have one daughter, Elizabeth graduating from Fr. Lopez High School and is going to attend UCF or UF studying speech pathology. I am on the Foundation Board of Haven Hospice finding my volunteer commitment very rewarding.

What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?

Bette is an avid tennis player and when I am not working, golf takes over.

Do you volunteer in your community or are there any special charities or social causes that are meaningful to you? If so, please share where and why?

Haven Hospice and Elder Source board are important community service. Also, Bread of Life Ministry through our Catholic church helps feed poor and homeless folks.