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3 First Steps to Starting a Home Elder Care Business

In today’s post, the Senior Helpers team discusses 3 of the first steps that are required for prospective home elder care business owners. Read for an introduction to the preliminary stages of home elder care business ownership. Market research. Conducting market research is a critical aspect of the pre-franchising phase. Before you decide on which […]

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Understanding the Competitive Advantage of Senior Care Franchises

With the Baby Boomer generation settles comfortably into their Golden Years, the senior care market is looking as vibrant as ever, but how are prospective business owners supposed to choose between the various brands that populate the marketplace? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Many entrepreneurs approach their dreams of business success thinking that […]

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Make a Business Resolution: 4 Reasons You Should be Starting a Senior Care Business in 2017

Given the current economic climate and increasing amount of aging Americans, starting a senior care business has never looked so good. By 2030, an estimated 1 in 5 Americans will have aged past 65, and 90% of them will be looking for in-home care services that span simple social visits to specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia […]

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How the Aging Baby Boomers Will Drive Our Economy

Though we live in a world where teenage “dot com” millionaires and pop culture superstars have begun to distort our ideas of who controls the economy, the reality is that aging baby boomers are running the show, and from both sides. In this article, we discuss the reality of this baby boomer big-business binary, explaining […]

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