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get involved with senior care franchise

How To Get Involved with Senior Franchises

If you’re looking to branch into the franchising world, senior franchises are an excellent option. In this post, we discuss some prerequisites for senior franchise ownership and explain how to get started with the Senior Helpers family. Ask yourself: “Are senior franchises right for me?” Though asking 100 people what the key to franchise success […]

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get involved with senior care franchise

4 Reasons to Get Involved in Senior Care Franchises

In today’s post, we discuss the top 4 reasons that business-savvy individuals are getting involved with senior care franchises. Senior care franchises are in demand, and the market is growing. The senior population is growing exponentially, with over 3.1-million seniors being added to the United States populations over the past 5 years. As a result, […]

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revenue opportunities

Assessing Revenue Opportunities for Senior Helpers Franchisees

When considering the profitability of senior care franchises, most people think only of the market for dedicated at-home care programs. While this care package does make up the majority of our business, a number of alternative revenue streams and opportunities exist. Read on to learn 3 more care packages and revenue streams that Senior Care […]

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mental training tips

5 Mental Training Tips to Buff Up Your Brain Elderly Care Franchise Tips

Over the past few decades, society has become increasingly aware of the importance of physical exercise as a means of increasing longevity and improving the quality of life. Gym memberships and home training equipment sales are skyrocketing, and millions of exercise-related uploads flood YouTube and social media platforms every day. While this is a positive […]

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what makes senior helper different

What Sets Senior Helpers Elder Care Franchise Apart?

The profitability of the elder care franchise market is strong and steady as always, but which brand name do you trust to launch your franchise? In this post, we describe 2 features that set the Senior Helpers franchise apart from the competition. Specialized Mental Health Care Services When an elderly loved one is afflicted by […]

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senior helpers in the news

USA Today Calls Senior Care Franchises One of the Fastest Growing Industries in America

If you’re considering getting involved with a senior care franchise, it’s important to ask yourself why. Senior Helpers franchisees are motivated to join our franchise family for a wide number of reasons, and while there is no best motivation, it’s important to have one! The caregiving business requires passionate care and commitment, something that is […]

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starting elderly care business in your area

Is It Worth Starting A Homecare Business For Elderly Patients In My Area

Thinking of starting a home care business for elderly people, but not sure if your area is profitable? In today’s article, we address this common concern. Readers can use our franchise opportunity search tool or read on to learn 3 reasons why Senior Helpers is a good fit in any area. 3 Reasons Why Senior Helpers […]

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