Developing A Plan for Marketing Your Elder Care Franchise

Developing A Plan for Marketing Your Elder Care Franchise

March 27, 2024 By Rob Cantrell
Categories: Franchise Investment

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to buy an elder care franchise, you likely know that marketing is an essential aspect of getting almost any business up and running, including those in the senior care industry. The right marketing plan will increase the presence of your business in the local community and ensure families in your area know they can turn to you when they need help caring for their loved ones. 

Of course, a well-rounded marketing strategy is about so much more than putting up a few ads. It’s important to understand who your target market is, especially as home care services are often sought out by the adult children of seniors, rather than seniors themselves. 

To learn more about the best ways to make certain your message reaches the eyes and ears of the people who most need to hear it, take a look at the tips from Senior Helpers below.

  1. Understand who you’re marketing to.

The services provided by an elder care franchise are usually intended to meet the needs of seniors, people with disabilities, and individuals who are recovering from an injury or illness. As a result, it’s important to target these three categories through your marketing efforts. 

However, as mentioned above, you’ll be cutting yourself short if you stop there. As senior care services are often sought out and set up by the family members of elderly adults, it is also necessary to understand how you can best approach these individuals.

  1. Consider the competition.

The process of honing your marketing strategy should also take into account the competition that is working in your local area. When you investigate their service offerings, you can pinpoint specific gaps in the market and ensure the messaging you are using in your marketing materials positions your agency as the better choice.

  1. Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing. 

In this day and age, many people trust online reviews for just about everything. However, when it comes to the safety and security of their loved ones, a testimonial from a trusted friend or family member is invaluable. Referrals from existing and past clients offer a great opportunity to expand the reach of your senior care agency. Everything that you do to build strong, trust-based relationships with current clients is also an investment in your marketing strategy, as it can lead to crucial referrals later down the line.

  1. Optimize the online presence of your elder care franchise.

Once potential clients hear a positive word about your business, you’ll want them to be able to find your contact information quickly and easily. Updating your Google Business Profile to ensure it is accurate and complete will go a long way to facilitating connections with your target demographic. 

  1. Build relationships with local healthcare professionals.

In addition to trusting recommendations from friends and family, people also tend to trust those made by healthcare professionals or professionals in related fields. As awareness of the need for senior care services often arises in the doctor’s office, ensuring healthcare professionals in your area know all your agency offers is a great way to help seniors get the help they need straightaway. For example, you may want to make contact with and leave brochures at the offices of physicians, hospital discharge planners, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospices.

  1. Choose an elder care franchise that will help you develop a winning marketing strategy.

The most efficient way to build a marketing strategy that is destined for success is to partner with a franchisor that makes marketing a priority. At Senior Helpers, we coordinate with each and every new franchisee to develop what we call an “Off to the Races” plan. This plan covers marketing and lead generation and is carefully tailored to the local market. With our support, you can trust that you’re covering all your bases when it comes to marketing your elder care franchise.

As you establish your business and begin on a growth trajectory, you’ll enjoy continued support from our team. Franchisees enjoy monthly blog posts and weekly social media posts provided by our support center. We provide training that helps prepare you or a member of your team for meeting with and establishing relationships with future referral sources. Our support center will also maintain your Google MyBusiness listing, collect client reviews and ensure all 5-star reviews are published on your website. 

Are you ready to purchase an elder care franchise package that includes plenty of support in the area of marketing? Contact Senior Helpers online today or schedule a call with a member of our franchising team!