Get Out of Corporate America!

Get Out of Corporate America!

July 6, 2021 By Brooke Davis
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There are many advantages of being in the world of corporate America. Some of these include high-paying jobs, decent benefits, and getting the opportunity to do whatever you want during an hour’s lunch break. There are also some negative attributes which make individuals despise the workplace. Below are four reasons that should help you realize that corporate America is not all it used to be.

1. It’s all about money, money, money.

Many employers don’t always care about the work you produce or what you contribute to the company. It’s all about who delivers soaring profits and continuously makes the company have financial blessings. Instead, franchising allows you to have autonomy and drive your franchise to financial success.

2. The hours don’t let you have freedom.

It’s one thing to be at a job that you love what you’re doing and choose to be there rather than a place that forces you to work in order to feel like you can provide for your family. If you’re spending nights, weekends, or holidays at a job that you couldn’t care less about, then maybe it’s time to look for something you can determine the hours. Franchising provides support that gives you flexibility of your schedule. There are two different franchise models available, the first is an active ownership model where you’re involved in the day to day of the business but still have flexibility of your schedule. The second is a passive ownership model that allows you to hire someone to run the business for you.  Both models are enticing and will give you the freedom to govern how often you will work in any given week. Imagine what you could do with all the extra time on your hands when you become a franchise owner.

3. You want to be the one who’s in charge.

Being an employee at a company can make you wonder if you are even contributing. The company will always have control over you and your career path. This can sound scary to some knowing that your employment is in someone else’s hands and your job is not always secure. With a franchise, you’ll have a built-in support system that works for you and will do what it takes to see you succeed. Owning a franchise can give you the chance to be your own boss where you’ll have freedom to make your own decisions.

4. Corporate politics run the office.

Being in a corporate setting can make individuals stressed because they feel the need to please everyone above them. Others feel the need to step on one another just to reach the top. Franchising offers candidates the opportunity to make their own environment as their own boss. This means that you can praise those who are making the effort and create a safe space where employees can feel heard and appreciated.

Overall, corporate America is not for everyone and can be a grueling and competitive environment. Franchising can provide you with a profitable opportunity where you can be your own boss and control your future!

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