How to Find the Best Caregivers for Your Home Care Assistance Franchise

How to Find the Best Caregivers for Your Home Care Assistance Franchise

September 24, 2018 By Annie Long
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When you start your own home care franchise hiring your staff of caregivers is one of the first major decisions you’ll have to make, and you should give it the time it deserves. Your caregivers are the backbone of your franchise, and you need to make sure that they’re a good fit both in terms of personality and experience. Your staff can often determine whether or not your business gets off to a roaring or shaky start. Clients and families need to trust caregivers with their lives so communication, transparency, and relationships are incredibly important.

Professionalism for Home Care Assistance

Caregivers should always be caring, kind, dependable, and personable, with a passion for providing home care assistance to the elderly in their community. You should make sure that caring for seniors isn’t a job but a lifestyle that genuinely excites and motivates them. They should have a professional demeanor and always demonstrate a positive, encouraging manner when dealing with clients and families.

Establish Clarity

One of the main reasons new hires fizzle out is because the employer isn't clear about what, exactly, is expected of them. How can caregivers effectively meet patient’s needs if they don’t know what is required of them? It’s your responsibility to create clear job descriptions, be transparent and straightforward in the interview, and hold staff accountable for fulfilling their duties. It is also important to conduct background checks and contact references to ensure the safety and reputation of your senior care franchise.

Passion for Giving Back

Anyone looking to become a caregiver with a home care franchise should, of course, be extremely passionate about working with seniors. Whether they have a personal background in caring for a loved one themselves, or have been previously employed in a home-care environment, caregivers should be compassionate, understand the heavy responsibility, and be eager to represent your home care franchise in the community.


It’s natural to wonder: how do I even go about finding qualified, talented caregivers? Well, don't just limit yourself to traditional job postings. One of the best ways to find good caregivers is by exploring your professional network. Be proactive. Take advantage of career fairs, conferences, or hold open interviews. Many caregivers have been previously employed in hospitals or other medical environments, and are simply looking for a change of pace. Don’t be afraid to reach out to contacts in the medical field for referrals, or to check with physician associations and groups. As with any successful business, a solid franchise foundation is built around networking.

If you’re excited about building your senior care franchise team, and helping seniors in your community, reach out to us today for more information.