Tough Topics: Conversations families should have with their aging relatives

Many experts have noted that when you approach the age of 40 and a parent is around the age of 70, it is time to have a “talk” about how the aging process is affecting them and what adjustments they might have to make to their lifestyle. This is often referred to as the 40/70 […]

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Senior Helpers Introduces First Ever In-Home Parkinson’s Disease Care Program

Nation’s Premier Senior Care Franchise Announces Specialized Training and Certification Program for In-Home Caregivers. Senior Helpers®, one of the nation’s premier providers of personalized in-home senior care, announced today the launch of its Parkinson’s Care Program, a specialized training, and certification program created in conjunction with leading experts from the National Parkinson Foundation’s Center of […]

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Ready to Work for Yourself? 3 Reasons Why Franchising is the Right Option

Deciding between investing in a franchise and starting a business on your own can be tough. There are a lot of things to consider as you make this decision, and researching the different options is key. Depending on your personality and skills, one option might be better than another. When you look at starting a […]

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reasons why senior helpers is #1

5 Reasons Senior Helpers is 1 of America’s Top Senior Care Franchises

The market opportunities for senior care franchises are massive, but how do you choose which brand to align yourself with? Research! In this post, we outline 5 reasons why Senior Helpers has been declared one of America’s top senior care franchises to help inform your decision-making process! We offer 24-7 support for franchisees. Unlike some […]

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strong family

Great Money, Great Mojo How Home Health Care Franchises Keep Families Strong

Working with home health care franchises is unlike any other franchising experience. Though it doubtless feels satisfying to feed, advice, and help the American population with cleaning and maintenance, our franchisees feel as though there’s nothing quite as gratifying as healthcare work. Aside from the “great money,” running a home health care franchise generates “great […]

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buy senior helpers franchise

Why Buy A Senior Helpers Franchise?

When eager entrepreneurs eye market prospects, the value of a Senior Helpers franchise may not be readily apparent. After all, when you brainstorm “exciting careers,” senior care doesn’t generally top the list. But this way of thinking is a big mistake: not only is the Senior Helpers franchise a tremendously profitable endeavor for entrepreneurs, but […]

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elder care

Caring in Isolation: Elder Care Business Owners Share Care Community Support Tips

The aging process is an eternal hardship that human beings must undertake in their lives. This journey is both personal and communal in nature: we do what we can to age gracefully, and we do everything we can to make the Golden Years shine for our loved ones. Sometimes our efforts to make life good […]

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start senior care franchise

What Does it Take to Start a Senior Care Franchise

The senior care industry is booming, and its growth is highly stable. You may have begun to take an interest in the possibility of opening your own senior care franchise. If you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to join the Senior Helpers franchise family, read on to learn more! 3 Things You Need to […]

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health care expert

You Don’t Need to Be A Healthcare Expert to Run An Elderly Care Business

The senior population is growing at lightning speed. Within the past 5 years alone, an estimated 3.1 million Americans grew into the senior demographic, which is great news for the elder care business. By 2030, economists are projecting a whopping $500-billion dollars of revenue will be generated in this industry alone, causing many savvy entrepreneurs […]

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mental illness

Mental Illness or Aging Effects? Health Tips from Elder Care Franchises

After spending a lifetime together, we sometimes feel as though we know the habits, thought processes, and behaviors of our loved ones better than the backs of our hands. And yet, as the year go by and new behaviors emerge, it can become difficult to distinguish between those brought on by the aging process, and […]

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