What Experience Do You Need to Own a Senior Care Business?

What Experience Do You Need to Own a Senior Care Business?

June 12, 2018
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As a business founded on compassion, with a heavy emphasis on quality of life and building strong, trusting relationships with seniors and their families, Senior Helpers prioritizes hiring franchisees who embody their core values, regardless of their professional background. We understand that you may have never worked in the healthcare industry before -- or operated a franchise. When it comes to owning a senior care business, more important than extensive industry experience is a passion for bettering the lives of our clients, and taking full advantage of the training and support system we have in place.

The Process

Because we recognize that there’s a learning curve when owning a senior care business, when you first join our team you’ll go through our franchise discovery process, which is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Senior Helpers brand. We not only want you to feel prepared and excited for the opportunity, but also confident that Senior Helpers is a good fit for you. The process includes an introductory call to review the general investment, and a complete overview of our training opportunities and support offerings. You will be given a thorough breakdown of our marketing and IT teams, as well as the opportunity to have your questions answered and concerns addressed. Our goal is that by the time you interview with our senior management and meet the team at our corporate headquarters, you’ll have a firm grip on exactly what to expect and feel more confident than ever about owning a senior care business.

Training and Support

Our training and support offerings are important for the preparedness of new franchisees. Our Senior Helpers University is an organized educational program, customized to address the training needs of franchise and staff members. This helpful resource is instrumental in helping franchisees learn how to quickly train employees and grow their business. Even after you’ve opened for business, we offer continued access to webinars, conference calls, and other educational media so franchisees can keep their industry knowledge sharp.


We always say that the qualities of our franchisees are more important than their resume. When it comes to owning a senior care business, your success is heavily reliant upon a positive attitude, and an optimistic outlook. In our line of work, it’s common for families to get stressed out, or become overwhelmed by the difficulties surrounding a loved one’s condition. Being able to maintain a positive outlook throughout the process can really make seniors and their families feel more comfortable and create a level of trust with the franchise that goes a long way toward forming lasting client relationships.

Passion for Helping

It may go without saying, but our franchisees should have a genuine passion for improving the lives of seniors in their community. Helping seniors age in a familiar, comfortable environment should give you an enormous sense of pride and satisfaction.


Because our caregivers are constantly dealing with serious medical conditions, health concerns, medication usage, and other important issues, franchisees should aim to be completely transparent when it comes to educating families. To be successful when owning a senior care business, it’s important to prioritize communication. Cultivating positive relationships with seniors and their families goes a long way toward creating an exceptional in-home care experience and generating a loyal clientele. If you possess the qualities necessary for owning a senior care business, reach out to us today to learn more.