reasons why senior helpers is #1

5 Reasons Senior Helpers is 1 of America’s Top Senior Care Franchises

The market opportunities for senior care franchises are massive, but how do you choose which brand to align yourself with? Research! In this post, we outline 5 reasons why Senior Helpers has been declared one of America’s top senior care franchises to help inform your decision-making process!

We offer 24-7 support for franchisees.

Unlike some senior care franchises, we stand by our franchisees from first call to the eve of their retirement! Our world class training doesn’t end once your doors are open: we offer ongoing training through webinars, conference calls, written modules, flash tutorials, and more, allowing you to continue to develop and learn at your own pace. With our franchisees, success is a verb, and we’ll help you keep moving towards your goals!

We ensure big opportunities in every territory.

Our senior care franchises specialize in care for those over the age of 75. Though we do not limited ourselves to this client demographic, our Veterans service and Senior Gems mental health program allow us to meet the needs of this growing population in ways that other senior care franchises can’t. The territories we target for franchise expansion will have over 25,000 resident seniors above our target age, which means big opportunities to make money and help as many people as possible. Furthermore, we take care to target areas with concentrations of high earners who can support the private pay nature of this business; it’s our way of setting your franchise up for success before you’ve even opened the front doors.

We provide serious international growth potential.

We are one of America’s top senior care franchises, but aging knows no boundaries. By the year 2050, there will be 2 billion seniors around the world, and 20% of them will be above the age of 85. Research has shown us that over 80% of seniors prefer in-home care, which presents obvious opportunities for Senior Helpers franchisees interested in international expansion. Senior Helpers franchisors are speaking with groups in Asia, Latin America, and Europe about bringing our care program to people around the world, and it’s not too late for you to get in on the ground floor of our international growth!

We provide peace of mind for today’s increasingly globalized families, opening up hidden opportunities.

The internet era has made long-distance family relationships much easier to maintain via Skype, email, and text messaging. However, these devices and social media platforms cannot provide care or watch over loved ones. As you might imagine, concerned family members contact us everyday to provide care for their aging family across the country. Though it often goes unnoticed, providing care for remote family members is a persistent and profitable revenue stream for our franchisees. Our motto is care and comfort at a moment’s notice, and we achieve this promise whether our client’s loved ones live in Atlanta or LA! This opens up opportunities that may have gone unnoticed in your local or regional market assessments.

We provide unparalleled mental health services.

Senior Helpers’ expertise in Alzheimer’s and dementia distinguishes us from other senior care franchises. We worked with dementia care specialist Teepa Snow to develop the Senior Gems program, a guide that is used all over the country to identify and assess dementia. Proper identification allows for proper treatment, which improves the quality of life of our clients’ loved ones. With a new case of Alzheimer’s being diagnosed every minute and no cure yet discovered, the need for senior care franchises who specialize in this kind of condition is immense. Our program is award-winning and nationally sought.