7 Easy Steps to Franchise Ownership with Senior Helpers

7 Easy Steps to Franchise Ownership with Senior Helpers

March 15, 2021 By Brooke Davis
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Have you ever thought about being your own boss and taking charge of a business? Senior Helpers is here to help when it comes to franchise ownership that allows you to do just this. The Discovery Process is designed to help individuals understand what Senior Helpers offers while seeing if this is the right fit for you.

Our exciting Discovery Process takes about five weeks on average to complete. There is an average of $129k total initial investment cost per franchise territory and you can expect to open in as little as 60 to 90 days after approval! The steps in our Discovery Process are:

1. First Call

Once a prospective franchisee shows their interest in Senior Helpers, the franchise development team conducts a territory check on the potential franchisee’s location to see if area is available. After we verify that we have an available territory, we will discuss your personal and business goals and set up the first webinar.

2. Concept Discussion

The first webinar is a concept discussion where there is an informational session about Senior Helpers. It is a one-hour long live webinar that is hosted by the Vice President of Franchise Development, Rob Cantrell. At the end of the call, the potential franchisee is sent the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to review before the next call.

3. Training and Operations Discussion

The second webinar goes over the training for caregivers and operations as well as the operational support from the company. This discussion is also led by the VP of Franchise Development about the operational policy and processes, staffing, financial planning, licensing, and guidelines. This webinar is to help the individual understand that Senior Helpers is here to provide guidance and support throughout the entire process.

4. Marketing and Information Technology Discussion

The last webinar is to give the prospective franchisee an overview of the marketing collateral and IT support that Senior Helpers provides. This includes outstanding marketing programs to help the franchisee obtain new leads and the IT systems that help to keep the franchise up and running successfully.

5. Validation with Owners

Validation allows for the franchise candidate to get the opportunity to connect with current franchisees. This allows them to gain further insight into the company and see multiple perspectives about the process of opening a franchise and maintaining it.

6. Interview with CEO

The potential franchisee next gets a one-on-one call with the CEO and Co-Founder, Peter Ross. This allows for a deeper connection with the values of the company and gives a personal touch of how the company came to be.

7. Meet the Team Day

The final step of the process is “Meet the Team Day”. Currently, this day is held virtually due to COVID-19, but that does not stop us from allowing the networking to begin. Once a candidate is approved, they will attend meetings throughout the day with the different departments at the headquarters in Towson, MD. These key members of the executive team give an exciting overview of their department and what they offer to bring success to the individual’s franchise. Once the virtual meeting commences, there is a Q&A call with our VP of Franchise Development and the candidate is awarded the franchise which ends with a franchise agreement.

The exceptional process at Senior Helpers allows an individual to experience firsthand a company that wants nothing but success for their franchisee. The first step to this amazing business opportunity starts with sharing your interest. If you are a potential candidate, call us today for more information about our franchise opportunity at 1-877-821-5011 or contact us via our website at Senior Helpers.