Senior Care - Top Reasons Why Our Unique Brand Offerings are Great for You

Senior Care - Top Reasons Why Our Unique Brand Offerings are Great for You

March 8, 2021 By Brooke Davis
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Planning on how, when, as well as who to provide care for a loved one or friend may be a bit challenging. Especially when dealing with the senior demographic. Senior Helpers provides the necessary senior care that one should receive and helps you understand your loved ones' specific needs. Our team of professionals can use the data to develop a holistic approach towards the factors that enable the elderly to thrive within their own homes as well as to adapt this information for better senior care.

1. The Life Profile

Senior Helpers has researched over 15 years of data from hospitals on different risk factors for the elderly and has created the Life Profile to eliminate unnecessary errors and enhance their level of care. The Life Profile generally ensures that we guarantee safety, independence, as well as management of any pre-existing medical conditions.

The Life Profile is aimed towards:

  • Supporting and enhancing the aging process at home
  • Lower the risk of visiting a medical facility
  • Improvement of the general quality of life
  • Providing a care plan tailored to each individual client

In addition, Senior Helpers has built a smart care plan that targets your loved ones' specific key needs from the information obtained in the Life Profile, to help you directly manage as well as schedule care options and activities. We are the only organization that works hand in hand with the family of the elderly for a more personalized and effective care provision process.

2. Senior Gems - Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

When dealing with the elderly who suffer from a form of Dementia such as Alzheimer's, taking care of them might prove tiresome as well as challenging both physically and emotionally. Due to the progressive risk that the illness poses, Senior Helpers trained professionals are there to make your loved ones' lives better and more enjoyable.

We can come up with a flexible care plan that adapts to the changes of your loved one. With a team that is well-trained and passionate about care, our team caters to all the needs that may arise from medical to daily scheduled activities. This is achieved through our Senior Gems program.

Furthermore, this program helps our team give the required care from aging up to the late stage of Dementia. It enables our team to:

  • Identify the various characteristics and stages of the illness.
  • Know the capabilities of the elderly according to the Gem level
  • Incorporate specific strategies based on the current Gem level
  • Design an effective plan for long-term care

3. Veteran Assistance Program

Veterans have a ray of benefits that take care of their in-home senior care, enabling them to live comfortably. Senior Helpers can help senior veterans become aware of such benefits which extend to their spouses. The VA benefit is a tax-free benefit that provides financial aid to lower the long-term non-medical in-home cost strain. Our veteran care services include:

  • Daily activity assistance
  • Alzheimer's and dementia care
  • Housekeeping
  • Medical reminders
  • Transportation to and from appointments

Senior Helpers offers an amazing franchise opportunity that includes these unique differentiators. With Senior Helpers you can make a positive impact in your community all while turning a profit. Call us today for more information about our franchise opportunity. 1-877-821-5011 or contact us via our website at Senior Helpers.