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Why the Affordability of Elder Care Makes a Senior Care Franchise a Good Investment

When caregivers take on the heavy responsibility of caring for a loved one, they’re also making a lot of sacrifices. While putting that loved one’s well-being first might come naturally to most families, and seem necessary, it’s important to understand how caregiving can negatively (sometimes subtly) affect the caregiver. Primary caregivers are tasked with a broad range of responsibilities, many of which can be exhausting both physically and emotionally. In addition to the day-to-day demands, caregiving can also cause immense financial strain. Clients know that Senior Helpers caregivers are a cost-effective, professional alternative to alleviate this strain, and it’s what makes a senior care franchise an excellent investment.

They’re Not In It Alone

As a caregiver for a loved one, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by responsibilities.

Family caregivers often believe that they must shoulder the burden of senior care all by themselves, and assume a wide range of tasks, including transportation, managing finances and medications, housework, bathing/dressing, and feeding. There are only so many hours in the day. Loved ones deserve care and attention, but caregivers often forget to be mindful of their own well-being too. That’s why so many caregivers choose Senior Helpers. We tend to whatever needs a senior might require, and give their loved ones peace of mind. This peace of mind is why customers keep coming back to Senior Helpers, and why a senior care franchise is a perfect opportunity.

The Physical Cost

While devoting much of their time off to their loved ones, caregivers often forget to take care of themselves. Caregiving takes a physical and emotional toll, which can be detrimental to long-term health, and ultimately compromise their ability to care for their loved ones.

56% of caregivers report a strain on their work lives, including changing their work hours and taking extra unpaid time off, as well as neglecting exercise and a balanced diet. Personal caregiving only makes sense as long as it works for both parties, and the caregiver isn’t severely compromising their own standard of living.

As a senior care franchise owner, you’ll find that there are always family caregivers in need of a lifeline. Senior Helpers offsets the physical and emotional strain of caregiving, and appeals to an ever-growing population of caregivers spreading themselves too thin.

The Financial Cost

The reason many people avoid hiring professional senior care is because of the perceived cost. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself, right? Well, handling elder care on your own isn’t as cost-effective as you might think. According to AARP findings, 78% of caregivers incur out-of-pocket costs, and spend as much as $7k per year on average (or 20% of their income!). For loved ones with dementia or other serious cognitive conditions, this cost can nearly double.

It’s common for caregivers to dip into their personal or retirement savings to offset the costs of caregiving. Already spread thinly, now the caregiver is damaging their own financial security for a nonprofessional level of care.

Senior care franchises satisfy a dire need. They ensure that your money is going to reliable, professional care, while leaving you free to work a full-time job, run errands, stay in shape, and maintain your savings. Our franchisees relish the idea of relieving caregivers of their burden, and helping them live productive lives. Check out what they’re saying!

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