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Assessing Revenue Opportunities for Senior Helpers Franchisees

When considering the profitability of senior care franchises, most people think only of the market for dedicated at-home care programs. While this care package does make up the majority of our business, a number of alternative revenue streams and opportunities exist. Read on to learn 3 more care packages and revenue streams that Senior Care franchisees have access to, and bring your ROI estimates up to date!

Surgery Assistance And Sitter Services

Senior care needs often extend beyond the comfort of the home. Some clients require hospital visits for routine appointments or more serious procedures, while others eventually decide to move into nursing homes, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC), or Assisted Living Centers. When these medical obligations and living transitions occur, it often signals a parting of ways between senior care franchise owners and their clients. However, this is not the case for Senior Helpers, which is great news for families and franchisees alike!

Our surgery assistance and sitter services allow us to provide continuing care as your loved one transitions into medical care or assisted living arrangements. This is partly why Senior Helpers’ client retention rates surpass our competitors; we’re able to provide care far past the point that most companies can. Our surgery assistance and sitter services give loved ones a watchful companion and access to “quick-start” home care services to ensure that they’re safe and accompanied when they need to be. Furthermore, this service gives families peace of mind to know that their loved ones are being cared for by the same licensed, trained, and compatible caregivers that they’ve grown comfortable around.

The bottom-line takeaway here is that Senior Helpers franchisees are hired and relied upon at every stage of the aging process, whether your loved one remains at home, or transitions into new living or medical facilities. Because of this comprehensive approach, Senior Helpers franchisees get access to more revenue streams than their more rigid home-care competitors.

Wellness Watch

Think that your revenue is limited to clients willing to commit to comprehensive home-care programs? Think again. Senior Helpers franchisees are often contacted about the “Wellness Watch” program, which is distinct from our traditional daily homecare service package. This program is designed for those families whose parents require considerably less monitoring, but who still want the peace of mind of knowing somebody is minding their loved ones. Wellness Watch involves semi-monthly visits that include customized care services for every individual, with the option of access quick-start home care at any time. If you thought that Senior Care franchisees limited their clientele to a certain level of “dependency,” think again!

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Aging Americans are dealing with mental health issues with increasing frequency, and the onus for their care falls on senior care franchises like ours. But qualified care isn’t easy to come by. Senior Helpers franchisees are among a handful of qualified senior care franchises in America with the expert training and customized care plans required to accommodate the growing mental health needs of the over-65 demographic. Thanks to our proven franchise system, Senior Helpers franchisees are always equipped with the skills, staff, and equipment needed to access this revenue stream and put families’ fears to rest.

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