Best Franchises to Own: Why Senior Care Franchises are Booming

Senior care franchises are getting a considerable amount of attention lately as business owners and entrepreneurs tune into the value of the market. In this post, we highlight the profitability and rewarding opportunities presented by the senior care market and explain just why the senior care franchise model is booming.

Americans Are Growing Older

Americans are growing older. Within the next 15 years, the number of people above the age of 85 will have doubled in this country. By mid-century, seniors will actually have outnumbered the young, something that has never before occurred. This unprecedented demographic shift is changing the way we look at business and family life in America.

Demographic Shifts Are Adding Care Pressure To Families

Increasing amounts of American families will be looking to senior care franchises for relief. In the typical US household, two people are working outside the home, and these people will be challenged not only to provide an income and raise their children but to care for their aging parents as well.

For some families, the added stress of their care obligation can be crippling. Many family caregivers suffer from depression or experience a decline in their connection with the very loved one they’re caring for as personalities clash and resentment sets in. Though this is not always the case, the fact is that family caregivers want options, and senior care franchises offer an excellent way to either supplement or overtake these stressful care obligations. In doing so, senior care franchises free up family time to make new memories with loved ones, rather than eating up visits with medication reminds and basic care duties.

Senior Helpers gives family caregivers relief from care obligations that they are unable to fulfill, creating peace of mind and freeing time to spend with their aging family recreationally.

Seniors Are Looking For New Forms Of Care

For many years, old age was thought to be a time of gradual decline that would be spent undergoing different medical treatments and procedures to increase comfort. However, modern senior populations have shattered this misconception, showing the world that they’re often more active and able than they were decades ago! As our perceptions of senior living change so too do the demand for alternate forms of care.

Today’s seniors want to keep their independence and maintain the quality of life they were accustomed to in the past. This is our top priority at Senior Helpers, and Americans are taking notice. Visit to learn more about the new forms of care we offer American seniors, and to get in on the ground floor of this market shift!

Americans Value The Idea Of Trusted, Ongoing Care

In today’s healthcare system, you may never see the same face twice! Though family doctors and long-term relationships with specialists still exist, seniors often deal with a revolving door of nurses and care staff during their hospital or retirement home stays. This can be stressful, disorienting, and lonely, especially when undergoing invasive or uncomfortable procedures. That’s why so many Americans contact Senior Helpers: our caregivers build warm relationships with their loved ones, and accompany them to appointments, visit them during hospital stays, and provide in-home care. Americans value our ability to arrange trusted, ongoing care for their loved ones in any setting, and that’s why our phones are always ringing.

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