Our Home Care Franchise's Unique Senior Gems Program

Our Home Care Franchise's Unique Senior Gems Program

January 17, 2024 By Rob Cantrell
Categories: Franchise Investment

At Senior Helpers®, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of specialized programs and services that give older individuals the right level of support for their needs and lifestyles. Instead of insisting on a cookie-cutter approach to caring for seniors, we ensure our franchise owners and caregivers have what it takes to provide the exact type of support required for unique situations. We believe that our commitment to providing dedicated care for various age-related conditions and families in different circumstances is what makes us one of the best home care franchises on the market.

One of the specialized programs offered by our home care franchise is called Senior Gems®. The Senior Gems program is dedicated to meeting the needs of elderly adults with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It allows our caregivers to focus on their care recipients’ capabilities rather than their limitations. 

In this way, we help seniors live every day to the fullest and engage in their lives to the greatest extent possible. All of this results in the improved overall well-being of seniors and their family’s outlook on the future. 

How Our Home Care Franchise Approaches Dementia Care

The delivery of care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia has specific requirements for several reasons. First and foremost, it is important to keep in mind that dementia is a progressive condition. This means seniors’ needs change with time, and their care requirements tend to intensify as their cognitive decline worsens. Furthermore, due to the nature of dementia, seniors with related conditions tend to require vigilant supervision to prevent wandering and manage moments of anxiety or confusion. 

To ensure our caregivers are prepared to handle the challenging aspects of dementia care, we took the initiative to develop a strategic approach to caregiving called Senior Gems. This method offers extensive strategies related to caring for and supporting older individuals with early-, mid-, and late-stage dementia. 

Most importantly, this program allows caregivers to concentrate on each senior’s unique personality, preferences, and goals to help them have the best care experience possible. This positive and uplifting approach to caregiving uses proven strategies and helps seniors engage in a meaningful life while remaining in the comfort of their precious homes. 

How Our Home Care Franchises Use the Senior Gems Program

The Senior Gems program was carefully modeled on the Gems™ techniques and methodology developed by Teepa Snow of Positive Approach, LLC. By entering into partnership with Teepa Snow we built a well-rounded training program for our home care franchises and the caregivers they employ. 

We have taken the steps necessary to ensure the dementia care services provided by Senior Helpers locations around the country are based on time-tested principles and a compassionate, informed approach to caregiving. This program includes extensive introductory training as well as ongoing support for caregivers, both in person and online, to encourage the delivery of high-quality dementia care at all times.

One of the most important aspects of Senior Gems is that it gives care coordinators greater insight into the different stages of dementia and allows for the development of a suitable plan of care for each care recipient. Using a detailed classification system that reveals each senior’s “gem level,” care coordinators can pinpoint essential care requirements while maintaining a focus on the many daily activities seniors can continue doing on their own. This promotes the autonomy and dignity of dementia care recipients while ensuring they receive the care they need to stay safe and feel comfortable. 

High-Quality Care for Families in Your Community 

By becoming a Senior Helpers franchisee, you can bring all the benefits of our Senior Gems program to families in your neighborhood. In addition to having full support with getting your business up and running, you’ll also have access to extensive resources thanks to our many years of success in the industry. With our help, you can ensure your caregivers are prepared to provide high-quality dementia care, personal care, companion care, and other types of home care that are in high demand.

Explore other unique features of our home care franchise today by contacting us online or scheduling a call with a member of the Senior Helpers team!