5 Common In Home Care Franchise Questions Answered

5 Common In Home Care Franchise Questions Answered

January 24, 2024 By Rob Cantrell
Categories: Franchise Investment

Are you looking to learn more about in home care franchises? Or perhaps you are wondering whether becoming a franchisee could help you achieve your goal of business ownership? 

At Senior Helpers®, we know that entering into the world of franchising can feel a bit overwhelming for first-timers. We are here to help. Below, we are taking the time to answer five of the most common questions about opening an in home care franchise.

1. Are in home care franchises profitable?

When it comes to business ownership, this is one of the first questions that naturally springs to mind. After all, you may be interested in entering the senior care industry because of your generous heart, but you can only make this decision work for you if the business model is a profitable one. 

The good news is that you can certainly make a profit as the owner of an in home care franchise. In fact, owners of Senior Helpers franchises average over $500,000 in gross annual sales within only two years of business ownership, and over $1,200,000 in yearly revenue after five years of business!

2. What is an in home care franchise?

First, let’s take a look at the “in home care” half of the term. An in home care agency is a business that offers professional caregiving services to seniors in the comfort of their homes. Instead of having to uproot themselves to receive support with their daily needs and routines, elderly adults can benefit from being assisted in the space where they feel most at ease. 

In home care services often involve support with personal care routines, such as getting dressed and bathing, but also cover companionship, light chores, transportation, and respite for family caregivers.

An in home care franchise is an in home care business operated under the brand name of a franchisor. This makes it possible for new business owners to enjoy brand recognition from day one and quickly establish trust within their local community. In addition, franchise owners have the advantage of support from the franchisor in the areas of caregiver training, marketing, enrollment, and other aspects of operations.

3. Do franchise owners make money?

Yes! As with any business, the take home salary of the business owner depends on the overhead costs and business model. Since in home care franchises have the benefit of low overhead compared to other types of franchises, such as restaurants and retail outlets, it is often easier to turn a profit. Furthermore, if you choose a franchise brand with affordable franchise fees and reasonable royalty rates, as you’ll get with Senior Helpers, you can increase your earnings significantly. 

4. Who pays to open a franchise?

As a franchisee, you will pay the franchisor for the right to open a business using their brand name and business model within a specific territory. In return for your investment, you receive extensive support both with getting the business up and running and with ongoing operations. 

For example, at Senior Helpers, we provide our franchisees with over 115 hours of classroom training (valued at $20,000 alone), a customized marketing and lead generation plan, caregiver hiring support, onsite training at your local office, and ongoing education, among a number of other benefits. Furthermore, our franchise territories are protected, meaning each franchisee has the exclusive right to provide Senior Helpers services within their dedicated area. 

5. What do franchise owners pay?

Franchise fees can be broken down into two categories: the initial investment and ongoing fees. The initial investment comprises the initial franchise fee and other start-up costs. For example, the initial investment for a Senior Helpers franchise ranges from $127,800 to $171,800, including a $55,000 franchise fee. 

The second category of ongoing fees typically covers royalties and other fees paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Royalty fees are often calculated based on a percentage of gross sales, such as Senior Helpers’ 5% royalty rates, while other licensing or IT fees are typically charged at a flat rate each month.

Do you have more questions about opening an in home care franchise? Contact Senior Helpers online or book a call with our team to learn more about becoming a franchisee!