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How To Get Involved with Senior Franchises

If you’re looking to branch into the franchising world, senior franchises are an excellent option. In this post, we discuss some prerequisites for senior franchise ownership and explain how to get started with the Senior Helpers family.

Ask yourself: “Are senior franchises right for me?”

Though asking 100 people what the key to franchise success is will yield 100 different answers, there’s no denying that being passionate about what you do is vital.

With Senior Helpers, there’s much to be proud and passionate about. Our senior franchisees are responsible for the care of thousands of Americans, and the peace of mind we offer families has strengthened countless relationships across the country. We distinguish ourselves from the competition through the Senior Helpers Difference, which refers to our tireless research and innovation in the field of senior care services. With the help of Teepa Snow and the Senior Gems program, we’re leading the fight for better quality of life for dementia sufferers, and have developed a proven system for helping Alzheimer’s sufferers make the most of their golden years. We also take pride in our Veteran Services, which have helped thousands of families get access to VA’s Aid and Attendance Benefit to pay for their in-home senior care.

If you are a caring, compassionate person with an interest in giving back to your community while taking advantage of a tremendous market opportunity, our senior franchises are a perfect fit.

Ask yourself: “Does the money make sense?”

Before you start tallying up whether or not you’ve got enough to launch your own Senior Helpers franchise, it’s worth reviewing the market to fully understand your potential return on investment.

First, understand that the senior population is growing rapidly in the United States, which means a steady influx of new clients as you continue your career. An estimated 3.1-million seniors were added to the United States population over the past 5 years, and therefore the need for senior franchises has never been greater. By 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will have surpassed the age of 65, and upwards of 85% of them will require some kind of home care assistance. All told, the senior care industry will have generated an estimated $500-billion in revenue by 2030, and you’re in a position to take part!

Having established the potential profitability of senior franchises, we can now outline some typical start-ups costs that new franchisees can expect. People are always pleased to learn that our senior franchises offer some of the lowest initial investments on the market. We make this possible using a proven, cost-effective system that minimizes overhead, distills your training to what counts, and makes the most of the modest marketing budgets up front. Though estimates vary depending on your locality and goals, most franchisees with be able to launch their dream senior franchises for $103,300 – $142,300.

Get Started with Senior Helpers

If you asked yourself the questions presented here and found yourself answering “yes,” then you are ready to take the next step on your way to joining our elderly care franchise family. Please visit today to request a call-back from one of our representatives. You will also find an informative webinar, market analyses, and franchise opportunity finder, so don’t hesitate to start looking around on our site today!