Looking to Start an Elder Care Business? Here’s what we Look for in Franchise Candidates

Looking to Start an Elder Care Business? Here’s what we Look for in Franchise Candidates

January 28, 2018 By Rob Cantrell
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As a business founded on compassion that places a strong emphasis on quality of life and building strong, trusting relationships with seniors, Senior Helpers looks for franchisees who embody these core values. Crucial to our success is earning the trust and respect of our clients and their families, and finding franchisees who are ready to put their clients first, and dedicate themselves to serving the community at large. If you're considering starting an elder care business with Senior Helpers, you should exhibit certain qualities that will help make you more successful in our industry.


Integrity is perhaps the most important quality we look for in our franchisees, and also one of the cornerstones of our brand. Starting an elder care business is all about helping clients and their families improve their quality of life during the difficult process of aging, and maintaining peace of mind and a sense of independence. To accomplish this, we need to be completely honest and direct with our clients and their families, and foster a relationship of trust.

Passion for Helping

Our franchisees should always be thinking of the client’s happiness first. They are the reason we’re in this business in the first place. Helping seniors age in-place, in a familiar, comfortable environment, gives our caregivers and franchisees an enormous sense of satisfaction. Our franchisee partners should be enthusiastic about the prospect of making seniors’ lives easier, and contributing to their local communities.


Our caregivers are constantly dealing with serious medical conditions, health concerns, medication usage, and other issues that families need to be made aware of. To be successful when starting an elder care business, it’s important to prioritize transparency. Cultivating positive relationships with seniors and their families goes a long way toward creating an exceptional in-home care experience.


A successful senior care business is heavily dependent upon a positive attitude. It’s common for families to get stressed out, or become overwhelmed by the difficulties surrounding a loved one’s condition or underlying health issues. Maintaining a positive outlook throughout the process can really make seniors and their families feel more comfortable, regardless of the seriousness of the situation. This is why we look for franchisees with a knack for remaining optimistic, and projecting calm and confidence.

Drive to Improve

While we do provide our franchisees with a comprehensive business model and continued guidance during the first franchising process, it’s important to take initiative as well. Constantly evaluating your processes and operations, and brainstorming how you can improve, will help your franchise grow and keep your clients happy.  We don’t want our franchisees to stagnate. If you’ve got a true entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to try new things, you can really thrive in the senior home car industry. Think you have what it takes, and you’re ready to start an elder care business of your own? Contact us to begin the exciting process.