Why Our Clients are the Best Part of Starting a Senior Care Franchise

Why Our Clients are the Best Part of Starting a Senior Care Franchise

January 20, 2018 By Rob Cantrell
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Some businesses keep a distance between themselves and their clients. At Senior Helpers, we’re proud of the relationships we forge with the seniors we serve, and encourage our caregivers to become active, conscientious participants in their lives. We want to be considered a resource for our seniors’ families for any questions or concerns they might have. Our franchisees quickly find that the seniors themselves, and the support we bring them, is the most gratifying part of the job. Whether it’s going to sleep every night knowing you’ve made a difference, or forging great connections with clients, a senior care franchise is one of the most fulfilling franchise opportunities out there.

Making a Difference

Senior Helpers prides itself on providing the necessary care that clients desperately need, and giving peace of mind to family members. Our caregivers know that they have the opportunity to make seniors feel safe, secure, and cared for, while also freeing up family members to live their own busy lives. While you might not be interacting with clients on a day-to-day basis, you can still learn a lot from them, and have a positive impact on their quality of life. Owning a senior care franchise is an immense responsibility, but our most successful franchisees embrace the challenge and the opportunity to make a difference.

Personal Connection with Clients

One of the reasons our caregivers and franchisees love their job is because usually it hits close to home. We’ve all known a senior, whether it’s a parent, grandparent, family friend, or other loved one, in need of special care. Maybe you wished you could do more for them, or it was difficult to find the appropriate care to suit their needs. Providing that personalized care is the foundation of Senior Helpers, and it’s what motivates our franchisees. It’s also important to us to forge relationships with our clients’ families. Whether we’ve been there before ourselves or not, we understand how concerned our clients’ families can be for the care of their loved ones. They have likely been deeply involved in the caregiving process themselves, prior to considering Senior Helpers, so communicating with them, and making them feel included and informed, is essential.

What Franchisees are Saying

To really get a sense of what our clients mean to our business, just listen to our franchisees.  Bob Nations, one of our valued franchisees, was forced to put his grandmother, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, into a nursing home due to the lack of suitable in-home care options. After her passing, Bob decided to open his own senior care franchise in her honor, to provide a resource for seniors like his grandmother without access to appropriate care.  “The one thing I wasn’t aware of when I started was how great and rewarding my job can be,” he says. “It’s amazing the impact we have on people’s lives each and every day. Another one of our franchisees, Jim DiGiorgio, notes how his job gives him a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that a corporate career never did. He says, “there is a certain satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing you helped people and their families. If you do it right, it is a feel-good business. When you are in corporate life you aren’t helping improve quality of life for anyone, and with this you are helping families.” Are you ready to connect with senior citizens in your community, and change their lives for the better? Fill out our application form.