Make a Business Resolution: 4 Reasons You Should be Starting a Senior Care Business in 2017

Given the current economic climate and increasing amount of aging Americans, starting a senior care business has never looked so good. By 2030, an estimated 1 in 5 Americans will have aged past 65, and 90% of them will be looking for in-home care services that span simple social visits to specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Savvy investors are beginning to realize that starting a senior care business is the one of the best things they can do to secure a sky-high ROI. For context, the Senior Care industry outperforms the Food and Beverage, Business Services, Automotive, and Cleaning and Maintenance sectors when comparing their profitability and median initial investment.

With that said, starting a senior care business is easier said than done. Many courageous people have paled at the thought of launching their own business, especially in an industry that they have no past experience with.

In today’s post, the Senior Helpers team hopes to give you the push you need to pursue your dreams in the new year. Read on to learn 4 reasons why it makes sense to get involved with our franchise family, and make a business resolution for 2017!

You’re Your Own Boss!

Working for somebody else is never easy, especially when you’re not given recognition for your hard work. Though starting a senior care business with the Senior Helpers family does involve implementing the systems we’ve perfected over the years, it doesn’t mean working with a ball and chain! Starting a senior care business with us means overseeing all aspects of your business. You can decide your hours, level of personal and financial investment, and the level to which you’d like to take your continuing education. You get the final say on your staff, and enjoy all the other perks of business ownership, except you get the support of our team of professionals.

You Get Complete Job Security

As we discussed earlier, the senior care industry is booming, and that means there will be a steady stream of clientele for you for the foreseeable future. The growth in the number of Americans aged 65 or older has been projected to stay strong until well past 2050, and there’s no indication that it’ll slow down any time after that! You don’t have to worry about being fired when you’re the boss, and so long as you follow the processes that have helped guide our franchisees to success for decades, you’ll be a valued and welcome member of our team. Additionally, you get to offer job security to a dedicated, specially-trained staff. If you struggle at any point, our support services can help, ranging from round-the-clock phone support to in-person visits from our franchise representatives.

The Initial Investment Is Surprisingly Low

Starting a senior care business in 2017 is not a cost-prohibitive endeavor. In fact, most of our franchise family expressed their surprise at just how affordable it was to stake their claim in the senior care industry. The total initial investment for a Senior Helpers franchise will total between $103,300 and $142,300. This estimate accounts for the franchise fee and makes Senior Helpers among the most affordable startups in the franchising world.

Our Royalty Fees Reflect How Much We Value Our Franchisees

Some senior care franchises take heavy handfuls out of their family’s pockets, but Senior Helpers’ ongoing royalty fee is only 5% of gross sales. This gives our franchisees the greatest ROI possible.

Ready to make a business resolution for 2017, or just interested in learning more? Visit today.