Never Owned a Business? No Problem! Senior Helpers Makes it Easy

Do you have a passion for helping people? Have you been wanting to offer an in home care franchise in your community but felt that you lacked the structure, peer network, training, and planning to turn that dream into a reality?

Seniors Helpers is a nationally recognized home care provider that’s ranked as one of the top franchise opportunities by Entrepreneur magazine. Earlier this year Senior Helpers also brought home the provider of choice award by Best of Home Care.

Senior Helpers became the premier in home care franchise in the industry by providing initial and ongoing support to franchisees.

You’ll receive ten days of training at headquarters to get you started and then five days of on-site training once you’ve established yourself at an amazing franchise location. With a 50% increase in the senior demographic predicted over the next 17 years, there’s bound to be demand in your area.

An area developer can help you find the ideal location. Once you’re situated, you’ll also have ongoing access to webinars, conference calls, and online educational media. Other franchisees are another source of guidance for first-time franchisees.

No Experience? Not a Problem at Senior Helpers

As a Senior Helpers franchisee, you’ll oversee companion care as well as personal care in a variety of senior populations.

Aging baby boomers and families from around the country are looking for an in-home care franchise that offers a full gamut of services. You’ll encounter seniors in need of wellness watches, post-surgical assistance, housekeeping assistance, respite care, live-in care, and much more.

Many franchisees have never owned their own business, yet their ambitions and finances are leading them to question whether now’s the time to be their own boss and receive help along the way.

Assistance Available at Every Step

Senior Helpers offers financial and marketing assistance every step of the way and operational help to get you started. You’ll quickly get up the speed.

And for franchisees concerned about the one-time franchise fee, Senior Helpers offers in-house financial assistance to enable qualified candidates to open their first in home care franchise location as soon as possible.

Because Senior Helpers has been franchising since 2005, you can take advantage of third-party relationships that Senior Helpers has forged over the years. Senior Helpers has third-party financial relationships with lenders to help defray startup and inventory costs.

In addition to financing, Senior Helpers can help first-time franchisees, and even first-time business owners, get great deals on equipment.

Senior Helpers was founded nearly twenty years ago and has expanded to over 260 franchise locations in the United States alone. All of that experience and all of those relationships are leveraged to make franchising with Senior Helpers a fulfilling experience.

Most Important Qualities Franchisees Should Have

Constant reliability and compassionate care are two essential things that Senior Helpers franchisees bring to the table. What may be more important than prior business experience is having those two qualities—reliability and compassion—plus a systems orientation and coachability.

Owning a franchise has a lot of advantages over starting out from scratch with a sole proprietorship business. Your franchisor—in this case, Senior Helpers—has assisted literally hundreds of previous franchisees get up to speed quickly at franchise locations that are convenient and hand-selected for results.

Ensuring a higher quality of life for seniors is part of the mission at Senior Helpers since it guides everything that the franchise is all about.

Dedicated, qualified, and hard-working franchisees are going to be in increasing demand as baby boomers retire and need in-home and other kinds of care. Will you be there to offer sympathetic, dedicated care?