No Experience in Senior Care? No Problem! 7 Other Skills More Important for Franchising than Experience

So you’re thinking about becoming your own boss and owning a business. First, let us congratulate you on choosing a rewarding career path that will teach you new things about yourself every day! Owning a business is a lot of hard work that pays off when you have built something you can be proud of.

One of the first things to consider when you go down the path of business ownership is whether you should start from scratch or invest in a franchise. Each takes a specific set of skills, so take the time to research which method is best for you.

A common misconception about owning a business is that you can only go into business in an industry in which you are already intimately familiar. That is simply not true! Here to prove it are 7 skills that are more important for franchise owners than industry experience. Read through and see if this sounds like you.

#1 People Skills

You are friendly and easy to talk to, making other people feel at their ease. These people skills will help you as you grow your customer base, hire and manage employees, and build a good name for your business. Working with people comes easily to you, and will help you navigate the business world.

#2 Work Ethic

Hard work is your bread and butter. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty and do the work that needs to get done. This willingness to work hard is especially useful as you navigate business ownership, and get used to the many responsibilities as franchise owner. A business owner wears many hats—manager, worker, accountant, bookkeeper, maintenance man, housekeeper—so your strong work ethic will be a great value to you.

#3 Ambition

You have always had big dreams and even bigger goals that have kept you going. You have constantly worked to build the life of your dreams, and you plan to feed your ambition forever. Ambition is what keeps you going when things get hard. It’s what has driven you to succeed and to pick yourself up after you fail. You have no intention of living a mediocre life, and your ambitious nature keeps you going all the time.

#4 Positivity

You don’t let the negative things in life affect you. Your positivity allows you to take setbacks in stride without getting too bogged down. Setbacks and complications are a natural part of life and business ownership, but being able to look past them sets you apart as a good candidate for franchising.

#5 Big Picture Attitude

Though you are good at looking at the details, you are even better at seeing how things come together in the long run. Being able to consider the big picture, even as you are dealing with the minutia of the day to day aspects of owning a business, will be a huge strength when you are a business owner.

#6 Optimism

You tend to look on the bright side of things, even when they aren’t going your way. Being optimistic means that you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you are confident in your abilities. Your optimism allows you to take a career risk and invest in a franchise.

#7 Teamwork

Your people skills and work ethic come together to make you an amazing team player. Being able to work on a team is a huge asset as a franchise owner, because there are systems already in place to help you succeed. Working as a team with the franchise’s corporate agents and the other owners will help you to build a business that really thrives.

The bottom line with franchising is that you can learn an industry much more easily than you can learn these skills that we have outlined here. If you have these 7 traits, franchising is a good option for you.

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