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Why Opening a Senior Care Franchise is Easier Than You Think

Looking into franchise ownership of any kind is daunting, but it can be especially so with a senior care franchise. We shoulder a great deal of responsibility for the wellbeing of thousands of seniors and veterans, and while we take great pride in what we do, it can be easy to ask the questions: Am I cut out for this? Am I actually prepared? Before investing in a senior care franchise, you want to be confident in your ability to craft a profitable business, and deliver a high level of service. At Senior Helpers, we’re committed to creating a smooth experience for our franchisees and clients alike, so we make sure you have all the information and training you need before undertaking your first senior care franchise.

The Process

When it comes to wading through the often-complicated early stages of starting a franchise, Senior Helpers makes it easy. We have crafted a step-by-step process designed to answer all your questions, and give you the information you need, to make an informed decision about whether a senior care franchise is right for you.

First Call: We will review available franchise territory with you and speak generally about the investment, your goals, and background. We’ll also ask you to fill out a short preliminary consideration form.

Concept Discussion: A one-hour video call in which we discuss our company, history, and vision. We will review our scope of services so you can understand what makes our brand unique and special.

Training and Operations Discussion: In this discussion, we will review any questions you have about our Franchise Disclosure Agreement, as well as cover the support you will receive by our operations and training teams.

Marketing and IT Discussion: In this call, you will be given a complete understanding of our available marketing programs, and the ways we can support your marketing efforts.

Validation: We’ll connect you with current franchisees, so you can get your questions answered first-hand by someone who’s been there before.

Interview: A call with a member of senior management to solidify your understanding of our mission and values before moving forward. This is interview is also designed to get to know you better before you become a member of the Senior Helpers family.

Discovery Day: Once approved, you will be invited to our corporate headquarters in Towson, Maryland, to meet your support team. You will have individual meetings with key members of the executive team, and get a comprehensive overview of each department. This is the final step in the startup process, and the beginning of your exciting journey in your senior care franchise ownership. 

No Healthcare Experience Necessary

If you’ve never worked in the healthcare space before—don’t worry. If you’ve got a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to learn the ins and outs of a new industry, you can be successful with Senior Helpers. Our franchisees come from different backgrounds, with varying degrees of experience. Whether it’s a passion for elder care sparked by personal experience with a loved one, or a recognition of the immense opportunity that exists in healthcare franchising, our franchisees are drawn to Senior Helpers for a variety of reasons. Check out our testimonials page to hear from our current franchisees.

If you’re ready to learn more about what it takes to embark upon a senior care franchise, contact us here.

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