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Why a Senior Care Franchise is a Smart Investment

Few industries are more rewarding than senior care, but you may be wondering: is it worth the investment? When will I turn a profit? What kind of support will I get? Senior care is an attractive business opportunity because everyone has had a loved one in need of special care, or knows a senior who could benefit from in-home care. The market for senior care is broad and ever-expanding, but the landscape of the healthcare industry can still seem scary to a prospective franchisee with little prior experience. You want to make sure your investment in a senior care franchise is well-placed, and to do that, you need a comprehensive understanding of the industry and the ways in which Senior Helpers supports its franchisees.

An Affordable Investment

We pride ourselves on offering a competitive solution for starting your own senior care business. The initial startup costs are estimated to fall between $103,300 and $142,300, and include our franchise fee, staffing funds, and three months of working capital. Many franchisees with good credit scores are able to finance their startup costs. Veterans find franchising with us particularly affordable, as we offer them a 10% discount on our franchise fee.

Compared to other senior care franchise systems, or buying your own elderly home care business, Senior Helpers is incredibly cost-effective. You will be avoiding the hassle and innumerable question marks of starting a business from scratch, and will enter into a proven turnkey model designed to help you get started off right.

Training and Support

One of the most valuable benefits of Senior Helpers that sets us apart from other homecare business is the level of support we offer our franchisees. We help our franchisees succeed through ongoing training, professional development, and a network of trained staff who are always on hand.

Franchise owners have access to our Senior Helpers University, an educational training program designed to prepare new franchisees for the many nuances of running a senior care franchise. This resource allows franchise owners to efficiently train, open, and grow their business.

But our training doesn’t end after the Grand Opening. Maintaining ongoing franchisee support and education is one of our key values, so we offer continued access to webinars, conference calls, and other educational media. Resources pertaining to operational, financial, and marketing aspects of the business will be readily-available, and we encourage franchisees to take full advantage of them.

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