Senior Care - How Becoming a Franchisee Can Help the Elderly Age in Place

Senior Care - How Becoming a Franchisee Can Help the Elderly Age in Place

February 24, 2021 By Annie Long
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The ongoing pandemic has pushed many people to reconsider facility-based care. According to a New York Times pandemic database, long-term senior care facilities and nursing homes make up 34% of all US COVID deaths (163,000+) and 5% (1,279,000+) of all US COVID cases. These statistics are disheartening and concerning and support the decision to age in place for many seniors and their loved ones. With proper precautions, disease transmission can be mitigated more easily in an in-home care situation than in a care institution.

But even before the pandemic, seniors still wanted to age in place despite challenges in health, cognition, or mobility. In addition, according to an AARP study, nearly 90% of people aged 65+ years want to stay in their current home and community for as long as possible, and 71% of adults aged 50-64 want to age in place.

Importance of In-Home Care

Home care providers have stepped up to the challenge of helping seniors age in place safely and gracefully. Services range from light housekeeping, cooking, transportation, meal preparation, personal care, and companionship to medication supervision and Alzheimer's care, among others. Here are the benefits of in-home care:

1.     Home Care Costs Less

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are expensive and can cost up to $82,128 annually. On the other hand, aging in place costs roughly half of a nursing home's cost. And by choosing to stay at home, seniors can take advantage of Medicare coverage to pay for part-time in-home care. Furthermore, since most seniors own their homes free and clear and no longer have mortgage expenses, aging in place makes for an excellent economical option.

2.     Increased Independence

In-home care offers seniors the additional care and support they need to continue living independently. Additionally, it allows them to be more independent and make their own decisions about their care. Letting them choose who will help and how they will help. With in-home care, seniors can receive day-to-day help with the care they need to maintain a good quality of life, preserving their independence and dignity.

3.     Caring Companionship

Loneliness and social isolation in seniors are linked to serious health issues like depression. Moreover, a home caregiver can keep seniors socially, physically, and mentally active, resulting in overall better health. Caregivers can become trusted companions for games, grocery shopping, medical appointments, movies, reading, walking, and other activities. One study found that seniors with social interaction reported a 70% reduction in cognitive decline than more isolated individuals.

4.     Access to Skilled Nursing Care at Home

Approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes, or stroke. In-home care provides access to skilled medical care delivered at home by licensed, certified, and skilled nurses. Additionally, in-home nurses can help with medication management ensuring seniors under their care take the right medication at the right time. Other services can include disease management, illness assessment, and post-surgical management. This helps improve health outcomes and prevent unwanted hospital visits.

Invest in a Senior Care In-Home Franchise

It's undeniable that the senior care industry is poised for growth. Investing in a franchise opportunity such as Senior Helpers Franchise opens up a great business opportunity. It also presents a chance to make a lasting, meaningful impact on others. Becoming a franchisee with us involves less risk than starting a business from scratch. We have established name recognition, business model, and safety procedures and guidelines which will be of great help in getting your new business up and running. To learn more about available home care franchise opportunities at Senior Helpers Franchise, contact us online or call 1-877-376-7120 to speak to a representative.