Senior Helpers Acknowledged as 2021 Franchise Registry Verified Member!

Senior Helpers Acknowledged as 2021 Franchise Registry Verified Member!

November 2, 2021 By Brooke Davis
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We are excited to announce that FRANdata has listed Senior Helpers as a 2021 verified member of their Franchise Registry! Senior Helpers was chosen as a verified member because of year over year high performance data and excellent scoring upon FRANdata reviewing our FDD. We are committed to supporting our franchisees’ access to capital and providing full transparency to those in our discovery process.

FRANdata is a leader in strategic analysis, forecasting, and measuring franchise performance while working with clients to help them be successful in franchising. The franchise registry membership improves a franchise’s financing program. Being a member of the franchise registry benefits Senior Helpers by meeting lender demands for efficient access to our information- this means better outcomes for us and our franchisees. . By being a verified member, we can take advantage of FRANdata presenting insight into the franchise market and help with future strategic organizing. 

The Franchise Registry provides potential candidates with valuable information in the financing process to help pick the best franchise for that individual. While being a part of this registry, Senior Helpers ensures that we are providing our franchisees with the best loan terms as efficiently as possible. 

Benefits of being a verified franchise:

  • Shows lenders that Senior Helpers has a vested interest and cares about their franchisee’s ability to get financing. 
  • Demonstrates the level of support the franchise will get throughout their franchisee life cycle.
  • Senior Helpers can constantly learn and improve based on our interaction with lenders while understanding our credit risk profile.

Senior Helpers franchise owners are uniquely positioned to capitalize on a booming need for in-home care while delivering a meaningful and necessary service to the elderly and their families. It’s no surprise that senior care franchises are in high demand; they offer a financially competitive solution for you to start a business of your own. 

When compared to other home care franchises for sale or starting your own elderly home care business from scratch, the cost of a Senior Helpers franchise is a smart investment. We are SBA approved, meaning you can take out a small business loan to help cover investment costs, which is another reason we were chosen as a FRANdata verified member.

We provide an excellent discovery process for you to learn about our franchise opportunity and have a third-party lender option that will help you find the best fit when funding your franchise. If you’re interested in making a difference in your community and want to join a verified member of the Franchise Registry, then contact us to start the journey of owning a franchise with Senior Helpers.