Senior Helpers Franchise Discovery Day: What to Expect?

Senior Helpers Franchise Discovery Day: What to Expect?

March 15, 2023 By Rob Cantrell
Categories: Franchise Investment

Discovery Days are an important part of the process of becoming a franchise owner and offer a unique opportunity for prospective franchisees to get to know franchisors and gather crucial information. 

At Senior Helpers, we often refer to Discovery Day as “Meet the Team Day.” That’s because this event revolves around introducing potential franchisees to all of the team members they will interact with as Senior Helpers home care franchise owners. 

As you start building relationships with the individuals who will help you run a successful business, you can gain insight into our company culture and have a better understanding of what your day-to-day will look like as a business owner. 

Are you curious to learn more about what you can expect during your Discovery Day with Senior Helpers? Read on for details about Meet the Team Day and the role it will play in your decision-making process.

Senior Helpers Discovery Day is All About Meeting the Team

At Senior Helpers, we make our Discovery Day all about building relationships with members of our corporate team. As a result, this event does not involve meetings between potential and existing franchisees. That important step takes place well before Meet the Team Day as part of the general discovery process. 

With this approach, prospective franchisees will have the chance to gain a solid foundation of knowledge about the experience of being a Senior Helpers franchise owner before taking part in in-depth conversations with our team members.

Who You’ll Meet

During Meet the Team Day, you will meet the entire team from our Support Center, the very same individuals who will be there to help you succeed as a Senior Helpers business owner. You can look forward to interacting with the executive team and experts from each individual department, including the:

  • Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • Vice President of Training
  • Director of Marketing
  • Director of National Programs and Benefits
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer

What We’ll Cover

Our team members will go into detail about their areas of expertise. They will also provide an overview of each department and how they will support you as a franchisee. You’ll come away with ample information about our training program for new franchisees, the marketing support we offer, assistance with operations, and more. The day will conclude with a Q&A session to make sure all of your questions are fully addressed by our experts.

What to Expect After Your Discovery Day Meeting

After meeting with candidates, our executive team holds a discussion to determine whether they will be awarded a franchise. Should you be selected, we will then present you with the franchise agreement to execute. 

Candidates are under no obligation to make a decision right away, and we always recommend taking time to consider everything you’ve learned during your Discovery Day if you have any doubts. However, if you are ready to sign the franchise agreement with Senior Helpers on Discovery Day, we will offer you a reduced Royalty Fee. Rather than paying the normal 5.0% of gross sales, you will have the advantage of a lower 2.5% fee for the first six months of your operations. 

Are you ready to begin the discovery process and learn more about becoming a Senior Helpers franchisee? Simply contact us today or schedule a webinar with our team to take the first step in your journey towards franchise ownership!