Buyer’s Guide: Senior Helpers Franchise Royalties & Fees (2023)

Buyer’s Guide: Senior Helpers Franchise Royalties & Fees (2023)

June 14, 2023 By Rob Cantrell

One of the qualities that makes Senior Helpers one of the best in-home care franchise opportunities on the market is our low upfront and ongoing costs.

New franchise owners can start a Senior Helpers franchise for as little as $127,800 —among the lowest initial investment figures in the home care sector.

In addition to affordable upfront costs, we also maintain low ongoing costs for franchise owners. Our franchise royalty is set at 5.0% of gross sales, allowing our franchise owners to retain or reinvest the bulk of their gross revenues.

Below, you’ll find a summary of ongoing fees required for a Senior Helpers home care franchise. These fees include biweekly and monthly expenses owed to our corporate office, including the franchise royalty fee.

Note that these ongoing fees only include amounts owed to SH Franchising, LLC. Franchise owners can expect to incur additional ongoing operating costs, including expenses related to staffing, office space, supplies, local marketing, and insurance, among other items.

Royalties & Fees for a Senior Helpers Franchise (2023)

The figures in this blog post are taken from the 2023 edition of the Senior Helpers Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Additional information about these fees and provisions can be found in Item 6 of the FDD.

Please note that Senior Helpers may increase or decrease these fees based on the provisions of the franchise agreement. Additional information about how and when these changes may occur can also be found in Item 6 of the FDD.

Franchise Royalties

The standard Senior Helpers franchise royalty is 5.0% of gross sales. This payment is due every two weeks, on the Wednesday following the previous two-week period.

During the first year of franchise operations, there is no minimum payment for royalty payments.

Performance standards

Following the first year of operations, a minimum payment is due. This minimum payment is based on Minimum Performance Standards for annual gross sales. 

In the second year of operations, the minimum royalty payment is calculated based on a Minimum Performance Standard of $300,000 in annual gross sales. The Minimum Performance Standard increases each year until a franchise has been operating for 8 or more years.

Reduced royalty for new owners

As a new franchise owner, you may be eligible for a reduced royalty rate of 2.5% during your first 6 months of operations. Eligibility for this rate is dependent on when you sign your franchise agreement and pay the franchise fee.

For more information about our reduced royalty fee for new owners, we encourage you to contact our franchise development team.

Ongoing Fees

Marketing Fund (biweekly)

The Marketing Fund fee is currently the greater of 1.0% of a franchise’s gross sales or $75 per billing period. This fee is due on the same schedule as the franchise royalty payment.

The Marketing Fund is used to develop and implement marketing, advertising, and lead generation programs for Senior Helpers. These efforts include the development of systems, resources, and assets that franchises can use in their local marketing efforts. They also include lead generation programs for clients and caregivers.

Brand Management fee (biweekly)

The Brand Management fee is currently set at $150. This fee is due on the same schedule as the franchise royalty payment.

The Brand Management fee is used to fund national marketing and promotional campaigns for the Senior Helpers brand and its services. These efforts may include TV, radio, print, and online marketing efforts, developing reports on Senior Helpers programs, conducting client satisfaction surveys, and recruiting public figures to endorse Senior Helpers and its programs.

IT fee (monthly)

The IT fee is currently set at $280. This fee is payable once per month.

The IT fee covers a broad range of information technology costs, including web hosting, essential software, and maintenance costs.

LIFE Profile licensing fee (monthly)

The LIFE Profile licensing fee is currently set at $350. This fee is payable once per month.

The LIFE Profile licensing fee covers costs related to our proprietary LIFE Profile (Life, Independence, Function, Evaluation). This comprehensive, data-driven program has been shown to improve overall quality of life, reduce hospitalization risk, and support successful aging at home. The licensing fee covers licensing costs for the program itself, as well as related Software.

Additional fees (as incurred)

In addition to the fees described above, Senior Helpers franchise owners may incur additional amounts owed to SH Franchising, LLC. These additional fees may include costs related to:

  • Ongoing training for your Operating Principal and/or franchise staff
  • Registration fees and travel costs for national franchisee conferences
  • Transfer fees for the transfer of franchise ownership
  • Fees related to violations of the franchise agreement

Request Info About Franchise Opportunities

To learn more about in-home care franchise opportunities with Senior Helpers, we encourage you to contact our franchise development team.

We invite prospective franchise owners to take part in a one-on-one introductory phone call, followed by a three-part webinar that offers an inside look at our franchise system.

At the completion of the first webinar, we’ll share the most recent copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Item 6 of the FDD includes a wealth of additional details about the fees described in this blog post.

Contact us online or book a one-on-one meeting to learn more about Senior Helpers home care franchise opportunities.