Senior Helpers Has All the Resources You Need to Own Your Franchise

With so many franchise opportunities, how do you pick which one is the right choice for you? A lot goes into answering that question, but an important thing to consider is which franchise brand offers resources that help you build a strong business.

For most of our franchisees, one of the biggest advantages of working with a franchise is the availability of resources and support for franchisees. At Senior Helpers, we have the resources you need to build a strong senior care empire in your territory, including:

  • A world class leadership team
  • Comprehensive training on our programs
  • A proven system to make opening and owning your business go smoothly

Keep reading for more details on the ways Senior Helpers supports you as a franchise owner.

World Class Leadership

Our company was started when Tony Bonacuse and Peter Ross, the founders, were unable to find high-quality, professional, and compassionate care for their respective aging loved ones. This lack of options was frustrating to them on a personal level, and it gave them the resolve to fill that hole in the industry.

Since then, we have built a leadership team with the specific goal of giving our franchisees the help they need to grow their businesses. Each member of our team has a wealth of experience that suits them to different aspects of our business, so our franchisees have a well-rounded team behind them.

Training on Award Winning Programs

Joining the Senior Helpers franchise team puts you at an advantage over other senior care businesses. We train our franchisees in the procedures we have developed to ensure consistent care at every location. This training helps you as you open, own, and operate your franchise, so you will have the tools you need to get started.

Over the years, we have developed effective programs to help our clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia and Parkinson’s. An important part of opening your franchise is training on these (and other) programs, which prepares you to offer your community these important care options..

A Proven System

The biggest perk of becoming a Senior Helpers franchisee? Working within our proven system. We have been a franchise brand for several years, and during that time we have fully established ourselves in the senior care space. Our brand is well known and our award-winning programs set us apart in the industry.

Our proven system is a huge benefit to all our franchise owners. Our tried and true business practices save you the headache of trying to reinvent the wheel, because we already have systems in place for things like bookkeeping, software, hiring, training, and more.

Becoming a franchisee is a lot of work, but Senior Helpers makes it easier by providing the training, support, and resources that you need to build a strong business. If you are interested in learning more about franchising, then contact us today!

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