7 Reasons to Start a Non-Medical Senior Care Business

7 Reasons to Start a Non-Medical Senior Care Business

February 9, 2023 By Rob Cantrell

With more and more seniors making the important decision to age in place, the senior care franchise industry is growing rapidly. If you’re interested in joining this industry, you’ll need to choose between opening a non-medical senior care business and a home health care business. 

While both have their advantages, at Senior Helpers®, we believe starting a non-medical senior care franchise offers the best opportunity to help families in your community while thriving as a business owner. 

Why Start a Non-Medical Senior Care Business?

If opening a home care business is a path you’ve been considering, take a look at seven reasons why you should focus on non-medical home care for your business venture.

1. Join a Fast-Growing Industry

When you open a non-medical home care business, you can enter a dynamic industry whose growth will continue to accelerate in the coming years. The home care industry was valued at $90.1 billion in the US in 2021. It is projected to expand to $146.6 billion by 2028. With an expected compound annual growth rate of 7.2%, it’s clear that the potential for business owners in this industry is significant. 

2. Deliver Critical Non-Medical Care

Non-medical senior care agencies offer care that is often urgently needed by elderly adults, including specialized services such as dementia care. While many entrepreneurs believe they can only offer care at this level if they open a home health business, non-medical care actually covers a wide range of care categories. Business owners in this field can serve seniors with diverse needs - both basic and advanced.

3. Enjoy a Recession-Resistant Business

When considering different business opportunities, recession resistance is something all potential business owners should think about. One reason non-medical senior care businesses are so attractive is because the services offered are essential in all financial circumstances. Whether the market is high or low, people will continue to age, and elderly adults will always need compassionate support while living at home.

4. Avoid High Overhead for Your Agency

Unlike home health agencies, non-medical senior care providers can operate with minimal overhead. Home health agencies are subject to increased staffing and insurance costs, which can make them less profitable. For entrepreneurs who want to avoid the headaches of significant overhead, while still being able to provide the support that seniors in their community need, non-medical care is the right choice.

5. Find a Proven Model with a Franchise

You can easily start a non-medical senior care business based on a time-tested business model when you choose to purchase a franchise location. At Senior Helpers, we’re eager to spread our model of home care to new communities where elderly adults need help at home. Through our franchising opportunities, we enable entrepreneurs to learn from our decades of experience in the industry and enjoy the advantages of working under a trusted brand name that families know they can rely on.

6. Fewer Hurdles Compared to Home Health Care

Non-medical home care companies do not have to undergo the strict licensing process that home health care agencies face, making the timeline for opening more efficient and less stressful. It is also important to note that finding skilled health care staff can be particularly challenging in the current labor market, an additional hurdle to business operations that non-medical home care companies do not have to deal with. 

7. Live Your Dream & Make a Difference

As the owner of a non-medical senior care agency, you can live your dream of owning a business while also doing work that plays a crucial role in the well-being of your community. As you chart a path towards a more independent financial future for yourself, you’ll be giving seniors the resources they need to stay independent and live more fully in their later years.

Start a Non-Medical Senior Care Franchise with Senior Helpers

As a leading non-medical senior care franchise brand, we are proud to help passionate entrepreneurs experience the satisfaction of doing meaningful work while working for themselves. Our franchisees have the chance to operate according to a proven business model that gives them the framework for success. Moreover, they benefit from the extensive training and instruction offered by our industry experts, enabling them to enjoy the rewards of working in this industry even if they lack prior experience.

Are you ready to get started with a non-medical senior care business? Contact Senior Helpers or schedule a call with our team today!