Top Four Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising

Committing to starting a franchise is a big step and there’s a good chance you have some questions about it. Senior Helpers is here to help you every step of the way!

At Senior Helpers, we make it a priority to give our franchisees all the training and support they need to open their franchise and beyond. Not only do franchisees have access to our Senior Helpers University, but we provide ongoing assistance via webinars, conference calls, and more!

Senior Helpers franchisees make a positive impact on their community through care for the elderly, all while owning your own business. But before you take that step, here are a few answers to the typical questions potential franchisees have.

Franchising: What Are the Benefits?

What are the benefits of franchising as opposed to starting a business of your own from scratch? First of all, franchising gives you access to a wide array of resources including training, support, an established brand name that clients know and trust, and even an investment that is part of a proven business model.

From the very beginning, the franchisor lays out what you can expect when you franchise with them, which isn’t something you can get when you open a business from scratch. Plus, there are fewer surprises when you go the franchising route!

Franchising: How Do I Get Started?

The initial step to getting started can often feel like a big leap, especially if you are new to the franchising scene. First and foremost, it’s important to find a franchise that you’re not only interested in, but one you know you can trust to help you every step of the way from finding the right location to opening your franchise and throughout the life of your business.

After you contact Senior Helpers, we will determine if your business goals align with our business model, and if you’re a good fit for our franchise, we’ll give you a Franchise Disclosure Document that you can review and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

Afterward, you will have an interview with our senior management team to go more into depth about our vision, core values, and the direction you will be headed in if you are awarded a franchise.

Finally, once you are approved, you will be invited to visit our corporate headquarters in Timonium, Maryland to meet our team on Discovery Day, and sign any remaining documents to get started on your journey of owning a Senior Helpers Franchise!

Do I Need to Be a Medical Expert?

You might also be curious about if you can own a Senior Helpers franchise without any medical background, and we have good news for you.

As you can find on our FAQs page on our website, our owners come from various backgrounds including sales, marketing, HR, etc. What’s more important is the desire to help others, and the drive to grow a business. So even if you don’t have a history of working in the medical field, you still have a place at Senior Helpers. After all, we train you on everything you need to know to franchise with us!

Franchising: How Much Does It Cost?

Probably the biggest question you have about making this big decision is how much the investment will cost. Your finances are important to you, as they should be.

But the good news is that owning a franchise is actually more affordable than you might think. We’ve provided more information on our website about the investment costs and what you might be able to expect when becoming a franchisee with Senior Helpers. On top of that, our Franchise Disclosure Document is available upon request to give you more of an idea about what your costs might be compared to how much you could possibly make.

For more information on beginning your journey with Senior Helpers, be sure to download your FREE copy of our downloadable in the side column and contact us today to speak with a representative.