We Are the Experts in Multi-Unit Franchising! 3 Ways Senior Helpers Assists Multi-Unit Owners

The job of a multi-unit franchise owner is different than that of a single unit owner. Being responsible for the activities and success of several franchise locations requires a different skillset, and multi-unit owners have to remain focused on the big picture of their businesses.

As a multi-unit owner, paying attention to the big picture doesn’t have to be difficult. At Senior Helpers, we give our multi-unit franchisees the tools and support that they need to build strong businesses. Keep reading to learn how.

Proven Systems Make Delegation a Cinch

As the owner of multiple franchise locations, you cannot be caught up in the day to day operations of your business, or else you go crazy with the effort. Rather, the way to help your business succeed—and keep your sanity—is to find quality employees and managers, on whom you can rely to run your business well.

The Senior Helpers proven systems make delegating responsibilities to your team a cinch! We have systems in place for everything, from things as simple as service protocol or as complicated as computer programs. Keeping all your employees and managers on the same page will help you to focus on the big picture and larger trends of where your business is going.

Open Communication Solves Problems Fast

At the core of our franchise values is communication. It is essential that we have open communication lines, both from franchisees to corporate and vice versa. When we have good communication with our franchise teams, everyone’s job goes that much more smoothly.

In order to maintain open communication lines, each franchise owner works directly with a business development manager from corporate. Your business development manager is your go-to person with any issue with your franchises; the business development manager is a direct line to Senior Helpers corporate.

The business development manager is especially helpful for multi-unit owners, who have unique challenges to deal with. Whether you have a problem that needs a solution, an idea that needs a sounding board, or a question that needs an answer, your business development manager can help you get what you need.

Protected Territories Keep Your Market Exclusively Yours

Something many Senior Helpers franchisees take for granted is that each franchise has its own protected territory. This is certainly not the norm in franchising, as many companies do not guarantee territory exclusivity, and so franchise owners may be competing against each other or even corporate locations for business in the same area.

As the owner of multiple Senior Helpers franchises, you will have multiple territories in which you are the exclusive operator. We ensure that each franchise owner has a protected territory—comprised of several zip codes—where you will be the only one serving clients. This means that, depending on how many units you want to open, you may have exclusive rights in your entire county or state.

Multi-unit ownership is a whole different ball game, and at Senior Helpers we help you build a winning team. Our proven systems, open communication, and protected territories make multi-unit franchising simpler and more streamlined, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.

Are you ready to invest in Senior Helpers and learn more about how to open multi-unit franchise? Check out our available territories to see if your market is on the map.