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What It Means To Be a Master Franchisee

The term “master franchisee” gets tossed around in the franchising business, but it’s not always clear what exactly the title means.

Here’s what you need to know about master franchising.

What Is a Master Franchisee?

When a franchise is expanding, especially internationally, sometimes it will sell a “master franchise” to an investor, group of investors, or company, giving said person or group the exclusive right to open franchises of their business in a certain territory of negotiated range.

Once a master franchise has been sold, a “master franchisee” is hired or appointed. The job of the master franchisee is to act as the primary franchisor for that territory, and his or her job is to recruit franchisees in the territory to open their own branches. The master franchisee is mainly responsible for organizing training and support programs for the individual franchisees in their location.

The master franchisee is typically paid a significant percentage of both the franchise fees and ongoing royalties of each franchise opened.

Investing in Senior Helpers Franchises

The total estimated initial investment to start a Senior Helpers franchise is between $81,300 – $117,300, which includes three months’ additional working capital and staffing funds along with our $44,500 initial franchise fee. If you have at least $44,500 in liquid capital, you can probably start a Senior Helpers franchise.

International applicants should have a net worth of at least $600,000 and liquid cash on hand of $300,000, which enables the franchise owner to build a sustainable business that is ready to tackle the first year of business and beyond.

The cost may be higher if you choose and are approved to buy additional territory.

If you’re interested in opening one or more Senior Helpers franchises, contact us online to set up a meeting with one of our franchise consultants, or give us a call at 1-877-376-7120.