Why a Home Care Franchise is a Great Second Career

Why a Home Care Franchise is a Great Second Career

January 2, 2018 By Rob Cantrell
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Dwight Davis is a former NBA player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, holds many of the University of Houston’s school records for rebounding, shot blocking, and scoring, and these days… he’s one of our valued Senior Helpers franchisees. If you looked at Dwight back in 1972, when he was drafted to the NBA, you might not have predicted that he’d be a perfect candidate to run a senior home care franchise, but in fact, it’s the skills Dwight learned as a professional athlete that make him a great business owner, and contribute to his ability to tackle the obstacles of franchising.

Lessons Learned in the NBA

Dwight always knew that he wanted to own his own business, and that even while focusing on his basketball career he would acquire skills that would help facilitate his entrepreneurial dreams. “I knew when I was in middle school,” he says, “that I eventually wanted to own my own business. By the time I entered college… ’entrepreneur’ was commonly used to describe a businessperson who could think outside the box and was willing to take on an extraordinary challenge.” He goes on to say that this “perfectly describes an athlete.” The element of ambition, competition, and motivation to succeed, are paramount to both the world of sports and the world of franchising. Dwight cites discipline, preparation, anticipation, long-term and short-term goal orientation, leadership, and learning how to play to win, among the most important, transferable skills from the NBA to a home care franchise. While there are notable differences, like the complexities of the senior care industry, and several nuances that come with any business, Dwight’s time in the NBA gave him the experience necessary to read difficult situations, problem-solve quickly, adjust strategy on-the-fly, and emerge successful.

Why a Senior Home Care Franchise?

When Dwight and his wife (and business partner) grew older, they found themselves taking care of their gaining parents, and realized that this was a common, difficult responsibility for adult children. They understood that this is an experience that tests families both emotionally and financially, and can be incredibly stressful. This is what inspired Dwight and Gayle to start their own senior home care franchise. Dwight viewed the franchisor-franchisee relationship as similar to a coach-player relationship, thereby making it an attractive opportunity. “Senior Helpers gives you the playbook,” he says. “But it’s up to each franchisee to learn the plays (become a student of the industry and your business), execute and strive for continuous improvement.” He is adamant that the lessons learned from his basketball career have translated into success for his franchise, and played a big role in his being awarded the Senior Helpers’ Rookie of the Year Award in 2016. Regardless of your background—whether you’re a former NBA player, or simply come from a different industry—the skills you’ve learned are more transferable to a home care franchise than you think. Contact us today to get started.