Why an In-Home Care Franchise is Perfect for First Responders

Why an In-Home Care Franchise is Perfect for First Responders

January 12, 2018 By Rob Cantrell
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Since Senior Helpers is in the business of improving quality of life and delivering peace of mind to seniors and their families, it’s no surprise that we attract franchisees who are passionate about giving back. Different from most businesses, an in-home care franchise allows you to put helping people first, without sacrificing your ability to turn a profit. While Senior Helpers welcomes franchisees of all backgrounds and levels of experience, we are particularly excited to invite former first responders join our network. We recognize that you have a unique set of abilities and experiences, and have already been in the business of giving back to your community. If you’re a policeman, fireman, or EMT, and an in-home care franchise sounds like the next step in your career, we’ll even give you 10% off our franchise fee in recognition of your years of service.

A Good Candidate

Most franchisors will take a variety of factors into account when choosing their franchisees, including personal finances, business experience, and industry knowledge. Senior Helpers adds another important criterion: passion for giving back to the community. Since our entire business is built around making seniors feel comfortable, and getting involved with local charities and senior programs, our franchisees need to share our passion for providing care. As a first responder, you have years of experience helping people and giving them peace of mind. You’re used to working efficiently, under pressure, and in situations of immense consequence. We’re particularly excited to work with former first responders because they understand the seriousness of a business that revolves around helping others.

Making the Switch

Why do many first responders make the switch from their role as a fireman, policeman, or EMT to a Senior Helpers franchisee? It can actually be a very natural career pivot for someone who has lived the exhausting, stressful life of a first responder. However rewarding the job might be, being constantly active and on-call 24/7 is exhausting, and can take a real toll. Owning your own in-home care franchise is a great way to continue helping others, giving back to the community, and know that you’re making a difference while taking a more behind-the-scenes role. You will have the luxury of planning your own days and making your own schedule, while still being instrumental to the welfare of the senior citizens in your community. 

What to Expect

We understand that while you may have had relevant experience in a similar industry, the franchising process might be completely new to you. The good thing about franchising with Senior Helpers is that you’re getting involved with a well-established brand, complete with name-recognition and an excellent suite of products and services. We’ll provide you with a business plan to follow, which is a great blueprint for getting through the early stages of franchising. We understand that there are many intricacies and nuances to an in-home care franchise that may present themselves as obstacles. That’s why we offer a great training system and network of support to help guide you through the more difficult aspects of the process. To get involved with a great in-home care franchise opportunity and see if you’d be a good addition to our team, contact us today!