Why Franchise with Senior Helpers?

Senior Helpers is the ideal home care assistance franchise for today’s times because of its flexibility responsiveness to senior needs. At Senior Helpers you’ll facilitate personal, companion and live-in care depending on the needs of the patients you oversee.

Since 2002, Senior Helpers has been providing compassionate care to seniors and their loved ones. Because the needs of seniors today can vary, services need to remain flexible.

Seniors Helpers provides companion care (e.g., companionship, meal planning, and medication reminders) as well as housekeeping and personal care (e.g., bathing, grooming and dressing) so that seniors can get their basic emotional, social and intellectual needs met.

Make a Real Difference in Your Community

Flexibility in a home care assistance franchise also means offering compassionate care for debilitating conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Around 60,000 new diagnoses of Parkinson’s are given every year in the United States, and many of those new diagnoses are seniors with other health conditions. Teaming up with a home care assistance franchise designed around providing much-needed care is both compassionate and meaningful.

Recently diagnosed Alzheimer’s and dementia patients have also been shown to benefit from early home care. Senior Helpers, as a home care assistance franchise, is in a great position to offer that kind of assistance.

For Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, care can mean removing hazardous objects, setting the right temperature, and locking away medications. Later Alzheimer’s and dementia care might mean establishing an assisted living situation.

Senior Helpers can provide assistance there, too, since as a home care assistance franchise you can help seniors and their families navigate the transition from hospitals or to assisted living facilities (transition assistance).

As a full-service elderly care franchise, Senior Helpers also provides sitter assistance, live-in care, respite care and wellness watch. All of these services combined mean that seniors and their families are taken care of no matter where life takes them.

Franchising with Senior Helpers: The Opportunity and Services

More seniors are getting care these days. You can help ease the transition into a different lifestyle by offering transition assistance to seniors under your care. Transition assistance provides the necessary resources so that seniors and their families can get back on their feet post-surgery.

Transition assistance makes the move from a hospital easier for patients under your guidance.

Helping seniors schedule for surgery and seeing seniors through full recovery—and providing transportation, if necessary, for follow-up physical therapy or doctor’s visits—is both meaningful and necessary to ensure a speedy recovery.

As a home care assistance franchise, Senior Helpers goes well beyond transition care, as essential as those services are for seniors and their families. Caregivers at Senior Helpers also provide 24/7 live-in care so that seniors can always feel provided for.

Senior Care Is an Expanding Industry

The sheer wealth of services offered by Senior Helpers—coupled with the expanding ranks of seniors who are entering retirement—means the time has never been better to join a home care assistance franchise.

Senior Helpers has responded to this growing need by expanding by 3.3% over the last year, according to Entrepreneur magazine, and cracking the Franchise 500 of that same publication.

Senior Helpers has been operating as a home care assistance franchise since it started franchising in 2005, and Senior Helpers has only improved its senior care evaluation and management over the years.

If providing compassionate care and making a felt contribution to the community aligns with your values, then the chance to offer seniors the chance to regain their confidence, mobility and overall sense of well-being might be a great opportunity. For more information, contact Senior Helpers today.

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