Why Starting a Home Elder Care Business in 2016 Makes Sense

In today’s post, we explain why it makes sense to start a home elder care business in 2016.

Home Elder Care Business Owners Love Their Work

For starters, opening a home elder care business in 2016 is extremely rewarding. Though running a successful business of any kind can be satisfying, the feeling you get working in the senior care industry is truly profound. Every day, your work provides better lives for families and their aging loved ones. More than a way to make a quick dollar, your elder home care business will often be the difference between whether or not your client live with a sense of happiness or helplessness.

Furthermore, running a home elder care business gives compassionate, hard-working people opportunities for fulfilling careers in healthcare. Franchises always creates jobs – it’s one of many reasons why communities love seeing their name targeted in franchise expansion plans – but elder care businesses create meaningful jobs. Senior Helper hire registered nurses and caregivers trained extensively on client rights, infection control, mental health care, and more. Your employees will go home each night feeling great after a day’s worth of good deeds, just like you!

Home Elder Care – A Perpetually Growing Market

Improved nutrition and rapid advancements in medical science have extended our lifespans more than ever. Since 1960, the average life expectancy has increased by 9 years for men and 7 for women, which puts increased pressure on the need for senior care. Our current senior population larger than ever before in human history.

That said, the home elder care industry is still in its infancy. Improvements in health, wellness, and medicine are all relatively new, and the market is still adjusting to this emerging demand. The senior care market is showing huge potential for future growth, despite already being valued above the food and retail sectors. Over the past few decades, the number of people aging into the above-65 demographic shot up at unprecedented rates. By 2030, 20% of the US population will be made of up people over the age of 65. The Baby Boomer generation has defined the economy at every stage of their lives, and – being the largest generation and therefore a substantial chunk of the US population – will continue to do so through their retirement.

Economists anticipate that healthcare will generate 3.2 million jobs by 2018, a projection that dwarfs those seen in any other industry. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in-home health care is one of the fastest growing segments.

Home Elder Care – A Technology-Resistant Option

The internet has opened up a world of change, and the rate of technological innovation has never been faster. The movie rental and music industries seemingly collapsed overnight, leaving many business owners wary of hitching their wagon to impermanent market demands.

Home elder care franchise owners can rest easy. Senior Helpers only benefits from improved medical technology, because it will increase the level of care that we are able to provide in-home. Besides, at its core, elder care is a basic need. Senior Helper’s greatest assets are our people, and they can never be replaced by technology – unless the fountain of youth is discovered, that is!

Review an Industry Overview and Request an Information Packet

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