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You Don’t Need to Be A Healthcare Expert to Run An Elderly Care Business

The senior population is growing at lightning speed. Within the past 5 years alone, an estimated 3.1 million Americans grew into the senior demographic, which is great news for the elder care business. By 2030, economists are projecting a whopping $500-billion dollars of revenue will be generated in this industry alone, causing many savvy entrepreneurs to flock to the elder care business world for a closer look.

Unfortunately, many promising elder care business owners defeat themselves before they’ve even begun. Lacking any significant healthcare experience, they dismiss the idea of running an elder care business, convincing themselves that this crucial (and profitable) work is better left to others. In their minds, it’s an ethical move that leaves elder care in the hands of certified professionals, but in reality, it’s a mistake that is rooted entirely in misinformation.

Senior Helpers’ elder care business model never compromises on top-tier healthcare service, but that doesn’t mean that franchisees need to be experienced in medicine or nursing. In fact, the majority of our franchise family came from backgrounds in sales, staffing, and business management, not healthcare!

But how is that possible?

Unparalleled Training and Support

For starters, our elder care business model has been designed to build franchisees from the ground up. We offer excellent training programs that equip our franchisees with all the skills they need to feel comfortable and confident in their role, and our support doesn’t stop there. Every franchise family member benefits from ongoing support from the first day of training to the final day before retirement. If you ever have any questions or concerns about a specific task or big-picture business question, our team of responsive business professionals is standing by to help.

Established in 2002, the Senior Helpers elder care business training system has been refined for maximum time and cost-efficiency. We zero in on the most important skills and educate our new entrants in the most efficient ways possible. Our system has been so effective that our elder care business has been “Home Care Pulse Certified,” meaning this trust third party has validated the outstanding level of care that our franchise family has been trained to offer.

Scaleable Involvement in Everyday Elder Care

Not all of our franchisees get involved in the everyday duties undertaken by our homecare staff. Many focus entirely on the management, customer service, and scheduling aspects, leaving the healthcare responsibilities to healthcare employees. Our elder care business employs only the best healthcare staff, giving you the peace of mind and gratification that comes with knowing you’re delivering high-quality care. Every staff member is a dedicated part of our team – never a contractor – and they’re all bonded, licensed, and insured. Our staff are trained to handle more generalized care tasks like medication reminders, light housekeeping, and companionship, as well as specialized duties like Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Learn more about Senior Helpers elder care business

Senior Helpers elder care business opportunities are as accessible and rewarding as they are profitable. You can discover for yourself why so many Americans have committed themselves to careers in this industry by visiting There, you can view a complete webinar that explains the ins-and-outs of the elder care business, and outlines the investment capital amount you can expect to pay to launch your franchise.

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